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When were mobile phones first invented?

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2011-10-04 01:57:10

According to historical records, the first mobile phone was

invented by Ericsson in Sweden in the year 1956. The device came to

be known as the Mobile Telephone System. The phonewas easy to use

since it was automatic but its biggest downside was that it weighed

about 40 kilograms. Later in 1965, an upgraded version was launched

by the company in order to convince the consumers which became very

successful between 1965 to1983 since many bought it as it was only

9 kilograms. Leonid Kupriyanovich, a radio engineer in Moscow,

Russia developed an automatic mobile phone known as LK-1 in 1957. A

year after, Russia also developed and introduced Altay service,

which could be used by mobile phone users while driving. Russians

continued to use the service until 1970.

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