When were rockets invented?

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Nobody knows when rockets were invented. They were effectively used as weapons of war in Korea in the 13th century ad. The Mongolian recurve bow could fire an arrow a greater distance than a Chinese crossbow fire a bolt or the English long bow could shoot an arrow. The Korean rockets could fly an even greater distance. They used them to scare off the army of Genghis Kahn. Korea and Japan were the only countries the Mongols did not capture.

European powers tried rockets on and off for centuries. England tried them in the War of 1812. The National Anthem of the United States contains a phrase, "The rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air." The British tried to use rockets to deliver bombs. Many times the rockets would blow up and blow up the bombs with them. Although their range exceeded cannon range, their accuracy came nowhere close. They also frequently exploded in the air. They proved ineffective as bomb delivery devices.

In 1920, Goddard, an American, created the rocket that combined liquid oxygen and hydrogen in a combustion chamber. The New York Times led an attack against him that caused the government to drop support from his project. (The government also courtmartialed Billy Mitchell for claiming that bombs could destroy ships.)

In the later 1930s in Germany, Werner von Braun convinced Adolf Hitler that Goddard's patents would be useful for the German Wehrmacht (War machine). Hitler supported him and he started the German rocket program.

After World War 2, he escaped from the approaching Russian Army and came to the United States and started the American space program.

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Q: When were rockets invented?
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