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When were the McCarthy Trials?

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the early 1950's

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When did the McCarthy witch trials take place?

the McCarthy witch trials took place in the 1530's ;' EDIT: The McCarthy witch trials were not real witch trials. They were trials for communist spies in the American government that were comparable to the Salem Witch Trials. The McCarthy Trials took place in the 1950s.

What kinds of trials or hearings were held for those accused by McCarthy?

many trials no they were not fair at all?

Were there other witch trials in places other then Salem?

Yes. Witchcraft trials were a component of the Spanish Inquisition. The McCarthy Hearings in the US were compared to the Salem Witchcraft Trials.

How were the McCarthy hearings and the Salem witch trials simliar?

They hurt innocent people

How were the McCarthy hearings similar to the Salem witch trials?

They were both a "witch hunt".

What kinds of trials or hearings were held by senator McCarthy?

Very important things about the witches.

What are the parallels between the McCarthy era and the Salem witch trials?

They both wear shoes.

How were the Salem witch trials and the McCarthy hearings alike?

They hurt innocent people. apex

What relationships did Arthur Miller have to the McCarthy trials?

arthur miller was Joseph McCarthy's protégé

Why do you think they were also called the McCarthy witch trials?

They were not. The Salem witch Trials were compared to the MaCarthy trials because of the fear of something considered evil infiltrating a community. They are not related, just similiar.

How were the McCarthy hearing and the Salem witch trials similar?

they hurt innocent people!! ~apex!!<3

What were the McCarthy witch trials?

The McCarthy Witch trials are actually considered McCarthyism. This is the practice of accusing individuals of disloyalty, treason and subversion without any factual evidence. This originates from a period in the U.S known as the Second Red Scare, from the 1940's and 1950's.

What happened to Senator Joseph McCarthy investigation on alleged communist infiltration of armed forces?

people saw him as a bully as they watched his trials and McCarthy had no proof except for his "list" as a result Joe McCarthy was then silenced while being a senator

How does the Salem witch trials related to The Crucible by Arthur Miller?

that's what it is about dummy. The Crucible is a mangling of facts and theories about the trials mashed together to create an allegory to the McCarthy trials of possible communists and Soviet spies in the US Congress.

Could mccarthysim be considered a witch hunt?

Yes. In fact, the "Crucible" by Henry Miller was an allegory for the McCarthy trials.

How were the McCarthy hearings and Salem witch trials similar?

Both had men who had a lot of power Both trials were run by a fear in the town (there was social and political problems) There was persecution of innocent people.

How was the Salem witch trials nand the McCarthy trials the same?

Both involved fear of something or someone inflitrating a community. In Salem, it was witches. McCarthysts believed that there were communists and soviet spies in the US Congress.

What events or eras in US history are relevant to Arthur Miller's The Crucible?

B.The McCarthy era, the Salem witch trialsapex =)

What do the Salem witch trials and the house of un American activities committee have in common?

Nothing. HUAC was not involved in the "witch hunt" McCarthy hearings (the ones compared the the Salem trials), which were performed by a different government committee.

What was the house U-n American committees role in the course of events of the McCarthy Era?

The HUAC was in charge of all the trials and herrings during the McCarthy Era. They were the supreme power of all the accusations based on Communism.

Senator Joseph McCarthy rose to prominence by?

The State Department had been infiltrated by Communists. The Red Scare. Joseph McCarthy was responsible for the anti-American trials of several prominent American citizens he believed were subversive communists.

Why Miller use the Salem witch Trials to convey message about the McCarthy trials?

They are similiar enough to make the comparison easy, but they are also different enough that Miller couldn't get in trouble for writing against a senator who was against communism.

What made the Salem witch trials and the McCarthy hearings similar?

Both were fueled by fear of a percieved threat.Apex Answer: They hurt innocent people.

How did Americans show their fear of communism?

Americans showed the fear of communism thorough the McCarthy trials. The trials tried many innocent people for fear they supported communism. Students practiced duck and cover drills in case of raids.

What made the Salem which trials and the McCarthy hearings similar?

Both were trials of people who were thought to be working for the great threat of the day. In Salem, it was witches serving the devil. In Congress, it was communist spies for the Soviet Union. And guilt was presumed in each case.