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I liked your question, so I researched it further. The only one I found was exxon valdez.

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Q: When were the main oil spills of the last 15 years of oil spills?
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What is the main source of oil pollution?

the answer is because of oil spills.

What are main sources of water pollution?

Oil Spills.

How oil spills effect humans?

Oil spills affect humans because oil spills are dangerous

Why are oil spills bad for plants?

oil spills are bad for plants because the oil spills will kill the plants

Does drilling for oil create oil spills?

It can definitely contribute to oil spills.

How many oil spills have occurred in the past 100 years?


How do people adapt to oil spills?

By seeing a lot of oil spills

Does caboolture river have oil spills often?

yes caboolture river has oil spills all the time it is very common for its oil spills

How do you contain oil spills?

use booms t contain oil spills

Can oil spills catch on fire?

Yes, oil spills can catch on fire.

What are bacteria used for?

used for cleaning up oil spills used for cleaning up oil spills used for cleaning up oil spills

How do oil spills occur?

Oil spills are usually occured by a leak in the ocean killing out whales and dolphins. Hope I helped x Alex Perkins, 12 years old .. x

How many oil spills have there been in the world?

About 125 known major oil spills.

How does oil get into the ocean?

from oil spills

What is the disadvantage about oil?

oil spills

What is the effect of oil spills?

the effect of oil spills is that it kills animals .such as birds and it can harm humans

How are oil spills disaters?

oil spills kill or harm wild life and it pollutes the earth

Are all oil spills in the ocean?

No, oil spills may happen in rivers and harbours too.

What are the three main abiotic factors that affect marine ecosystems?

Ships undersea volcanoes and oil spills

How does oil spills affect duckweed growth?

Oil spills are very bad for Duckweed growth. This is because duckweed need oxygen and oil spills keep oxygen from reaching the plant.

What has the author Dagmar Schmidt Etkin written?

Dagmar Schmidt Etkin has written: 'Sizes of US marine spills (The OSIR statistical series: 30 years of oil spills)' 'Financial costs of oil spills worldwide' 'Indoor Air Qlty Sch' 'Marine spills worldwide: All sources (The OSIR statistical series: 30 years of oil spills)' 'Biocontaminants in indoor environments' -- subject(s): Aerosols, Indoor air pollution, Microbiology, Air 'Marine spills worldwide: Regional analysis (The OSIR statistical series: 30 years of oil spills)' 'Financial costs of oil spills in the United States' 'Indoor air quality glossary' 'Ceilings/walls and IAQ' -- subject(s): Ceilings, Indoor air pollution, Interior walls, Materials, Toxicology, Wall coverings 'Marine spills worldwide: Coastal and offshore facilities (The OSIR statistical series: 30 years of oil spills)' 'Office furnishings/equipment & IAQ' -- subject(s): Air quality, Health aspects, Health aspects of Air quality, Health aspects of Indoor air pollution, Health aspects of Office equipment and supplies, Health aspects of Office furniture, Indoor air pollution, Office equipment and supplies, Office furniture 'Marine spills worldwide: Vessels (The OSIR statistical series: 30 years of oil spills)'

How does the density of salt water affect oil spills?

salt water makes oil spills get larger

What is a catchy title for a science fair project about oil spills?

Oil Spills: The One Spill To Fuss About

How many oil spills happen each year?

About 13,000 oil spills happen every year.

What has the author Brenda L Norcross written?

Brenda L. Norcross has written: 'Injury to larval fish in Prince William Sound' -- subject(s): Fishes, Larvae, Environmental aspects of Oil spills, Effect of oil spills on, Oil spills, Oil spills and wildlife