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Ancient Egypt Answer

The pyramids in Egypt were built during the reign of various Pharoahs dating from around 2700 BC to 1500 BC. The exact dates are estimates, because records of the time were often incomplete or conflicting.

There are more than 138 recorded pyramids that still exist in Egypt. The Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid at Darshur are among the oldest, built by the pharoah Snofru (Sneferu)who ruled from about 2613 BC to 2589 BC.

The three best-known pyramids are at Giza (the location of the Sphinx) and were built later. The Great Pyramid (aka the Pyramid of Khufu) was likely completed around 2540 BC.
Later pyramids were built of lesser size and durability, and many have been partly or completely lost over time.


Additional Answer

It actually depends on which pyramids you are referring to. The Egyptians were not the only civilisation to construct vast pyramids and certainly were not the first either. If you are referring to the Ancient Egyptians, the above answer is correct.

However ...

The Mayans are another great example of pyramid builders. Building a pyramid in the Mayan Empire was so much more difficult than building pyramids in Egypt, because the Mayans had to somehow travel with huge stones through deadly rainforests teeming with obstacles and predators. How they managed to do that is still a mystery to us.
The Mayan temples began to appear at the height of the Mayan Empire. The oldest Mayan pyramid according to archaeological carbon dating, dates back to around 3,000BC. Which is older than the Egyptian pyramids.

Aztec pyramids, also known as Mesoamerican pyramids, were built around 1100AD. Aztec pyramids were not only built for religious reasons, but they were also built to be the centre of their cities, symbolising the "mountain of the city" which, in Aztec belief, brings wealth and fertility to the citizens.

The Ancient Mesopotamians, Ancient Assyrians and Ancient Sumerians also built pyramid-like structures called Ziggurats.
Ziggurats were generally religious temples influenced by astronomy.
Ziggurats began to appear around 2,200BC.

Ancient Babylonians are also known to have built an incredible pyramid called Etemenankia. However this structure has become a victim of time and conflict, being reduced now to just a few columns and the multi-coloured base that the pyramid once stood on. Therefore we do not know much about the Babylonian pyramid or how old it is.

The Ancient Chinese also built pyramid mounds above burial chambers of their emperors, full of terracotta armies and treasures. The Ancient Chinese pyramids were mostly made from dirt, therefore carbon dating on the older Chinese pyramids is pretty much useless, since the dirt obviously existed before the pyramids did. Many of the Chinese pyramids were purposefully surrounded by trees and vegetation to camouflage them into their surroundings. Because of this, many hundreds of Chinese pyramids remain hidden today or even completely destroyed by nature itself. The oldest Chinese pyramid was built in around 1,050BC. However, as stated above, carbon dating on these pyramids are very difficult.

The Igbo people of Nigeria built pyramids known as Nsude Pyramids, to honour their god, Uto. Carbon dating is too difficult to perform on these pyramids, as they were mostly made of mud and clay.

The Ancient Greeks also built pyramids, though most no longer survive.
The Greek Pyramid of Hellinikon was built as a tomb for Greek soldiers who died in the legendary battle for the throne of Argos.
There was also a pyramid built for Argives, who was killed in a battle around 669BC, but that has been lost.
Greek pyramids are believed to have originated around 2,000 BC.

Nubian pyramids in Sudan were built as burial grounds for kings and queens. They are steeper than Egyptian pyramids. There are at least 255 pyramids in Sudan (Egypt only has 138). They were believed to have first been built in 2600BC.

Ancient Koreans build pyramids to bury their prestigious leaders. Dangun, the founder of Ancient Korea (then known as Gojoseon) is buried in a pyramid. The oldest carbon dating on Korean pyramids seems to point to 668 BC.

The Ancient Romans are known to have built pyramid-structures, such as the Pyramid of Cestius, which is a tomb for Gaius Cestius. Most Roman pyramids have now been destroyed, but we believe they were used to bury important people. They originated around the end of the 1st century BC.

The Chola Empire, which is now Southern India, built granite pyramids for religious worship. They are still in use today by modern Indians. They were built around the 3rd century BC onwards.

Ancient inhabitants of Indonesia built step-pyramids structures. They were built because of the native belief that mountains and high places are abodes for the spirits of their ancestors. They were built around the 8th century.
Around 3000-2500 BC
along time ago in 2650BC the step pyramid of king Djoser at saqarra
Between 2600BC and 2480BC
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How are pyramids built?

Egyptian pyramids are amongst the oldest stone buildings in the world. They were built nearly five thousand years ago. These ancient tombs are also among the world's largest structures. The biggest is taller than a 40-story building and covers the area occupied by Lincoln's Inn (about 13 acres; 5.3 ( Full Answer )

Where were pyramids built?

In Egypt . Pyramids were built all over the world, but probably the most famous of them all are the Great Pyramids of Giza, in Giza, Egypt.

Who were pyramids built for?

They were usually built for the pharaoh of ancient Egypt as their tombs. also for the gods.

How was pyramids built?

they were built by hand. Shortly after coming to the throne thePharaoh would command his overseer of public works and architectsto prepare a burial place in keeping with his status as a god-king,a launching pad to enable his soul to soar from the earth to jointhe gods and his ancestors in the heaven ( Full Answer )

When were pyramids built?

More than ninety ancient pyramids were built in Egypt between about 2630 BC and 1530 BC. Pyramids were also built during the Pharaoh's rule.

How did pyramids get built?

Ancient Egyptians used stone and limestone from massive quarries staffed by conscripted workers and then hauled it to the pyramid site which was carefully planned by the kings architects and then the first blocks were moved into place, gradually, as it went up, they used ramps to haul the bricks up ( Full Answer )

Why were the Great Pyramids built and who built them?

Pyramids were built with the primary function of being a tomb. The Pharaoh would have ordered his overseer of works to draw up plans, organise the workforce and materials. The work force was made up of artisans, workmen, and craftsmen. It is estimated that 20,000 to 30,000 workers would have been ( Full Answer )

How and why where the pyramids built?

The pyramids were built as tombs for the pharoahs. They started towork on them right as the new pharoah became king. Men built these huge structures without the help of equipment suchas cranes and bulldozers. The ancient Egyptians used tools ofcopper, a softer metal than steel. Wooden wedges to help ( Full Answer )

Why where pyramids built?

The pyramids were built to hold the kings of Egypt, but they also used caves in a valley that is now called Valley of the Kings. Inside the the pyramids was the kings body and all the things he would need for the afterlife. One was buried with a boat. Many were robbed soon after they died because th ( Full Answer )

How was the pyramids built?

by dragging huge rocks made out of limestone and stacking them on top of each other until they had a pyramid. it often took 20 - 30 years to complete! the people who would do this are the slaves.

How was the Giza pyramid built?

The Giza Pyramid were built with a number of stones. These includelimestone, granite, as well as mortar. The Giza Pyramid is locatedin Egypt.

When where pyramids built?

The pyramids in Egypt were built within the time frame 2589 and2504 BC. The pyramids were built on the west bank of the NileRiver.

How built the pyramids?

Shortly after ascending the throne in 2589BC, Pharaoh Khufu commanded his overseer of works to prepare a burial place in keeping with his status as a god-king, a pyramid tomb far grander than anything that had been built before or since. A site was chosen on the Giza plateau west of the Nile across ( Full Answer )

How was the pyramid built?

The pyramids were built on a flat surface ( that was made by pouring water over the land) and were then built by using early simple machines such as the wedge, lever, and inclined plane to help move the giant limestone bricks into place.

Who built the pyramids and why?

The Egyptian Pyramid were built by the slaves and craftsmen wholived in Egypt during those times. Some say they were used forastrological purposes and others they were built by Aliens who usedthem as a navigational marker. Most likely they were built as tombsfor the Pharaohs as a statement of his gr ( Full Answer )

Who was the pyramid built for?

It was mainly built for the honor of the kings and queens so that when they died they could be buried in it.

How is a pyramid built?

Shortly after ascending the throne in 2589BC, Pharaoh Khufucommanded his overseer of works to prepare a burial place inkeeping with his status as a god-king, a pyramid tomb far granderthan anything that had been built before or since. A site waschosen on the Giza plateau west of the Nile across from ( Full Answer )

How did the pyramids get built?

Shortly after ascending the throne the Pharaoh issued a series of commands to his overseer of works to prepare a burial place in keeping with his status as a god-king. A site would be chosen on the west bank of the Nile, most likely in one of the already established pyramid fields. The site was surv ( Full Answer )

How were the pyramids built?

The Egyptians made the first pyramids out of adobe (A-dob-ee) acement like substance and put it into a triangular shape using acedar sled. answer 2 There are three main regions where pyramid buildingtook place, the Middle East (notably Egypt); Meso-America; andChina. In the first two, the buildin ( Full Answer )

Who built pyramid?

harry potter build it with magic ! Thousands of slaves. This was an era of slave labour and none were more expert in directing their slaves than the ancient Egyptians. As many as 30,000 naked slaves toiled under the blazing Egyptian sun to build this monument to the ego of one man, the Pharaoh.

How were the the pyramids built?

Plans showing how a pyramid was built have never been found, experts use present knowledge about construction to make some intelligent guesses. The Ancient Egyptians were an ingenious people. You cannot help to be impressed by the fearlessness the ancient builders exhibited in taking on such a colos ( Full Answer )

Who did they built the pyramids for?

The egyptians built there pyramids for there kings when they died. The kings built the pyramids in their life time and spent a lot of time working in their pyramid. Well the king didn't do the actual he had thousands of his people to do the actual work.

How pyramids was built?

with stones that weigh 80 tones and worked quarter of a billion man hours each day and took 20 years

What are pyramids built of?

The eariest pyramids were built of stone but in later years mud bricks cased in stone was used.

Who is the pyramide built for?

There are several pyramids not only in Egypt. The largest is the great pyramidof Khufu at Giza

Where are pyramids built?

they were built in the dessert so no one would rob the tomb of kings

Why they built the pyramid?

If by 'the pyramid', you meant the pyramids in Egypt, they were built as tombs. Very rich people would pay to have a pyramid as their tomb. People such as nobles, or pharaohs would have pyramids for their tomb. They were also filled with treasures and objects that the people in the tombs would need ( Full Answer )

What are the pyramids built out of?

Large stone blocks carved out of quarries by slaves. They would then wait for the flood season to put the blocks on boats and transfer them to the building location where the Pyramid was to be erected.

How built the pyramides?

Shortly after ascending the throne in 2589BC, Pharaoh Khufu commanded his overseer of works to prepare a burial place in keeping with his status as a god-king, a pyramid tomb far grander than anything that had been built before or since. A site was chosen on the Giza plateau west of the Nile across ( Full Answer )

Where were pyramids built at?

Egypt Pyramids have been built in many places around the world. The most notable in Egypt

How were they pyramids built?

The slave ate there vegetables Shortly aftercoming to the throne Pharaoh would command his overseer of publicworks and architects to prepare a burial place in keeping with hisstatus as a god-king. The chosen site was usually one on the edgeof the cultivated land in an already established pyramid fi ( Full Answer )

What is the correct answer Egyptians have built pyramids or Egyptians built pyramids?

because they believed in afterlife so they built the pyramids toput the dead kings in to keep them safe. In terms of grammar, both are acceptable. However, I wouldrecommend using "Egyptians built pyramids" because implicit in theusage of the present perfect (the "have done something" tense) isthat ( Full Answer )

How were these pyramids built?

People said it was built by UFO, but its not true it was once built by an Egypt kid Yvans Louissaint 12 year old boy born in January 22 2000 he built certain stuff to do this

Why were Pyramids Built and who Built it?

The main purpose of a pyramid was as tomb for the Pharaoh to aidhis soul's transition to the stars and the gods where he willintercede for Egypt. The pharaoh was also declaring to his people,other nations and posterity how great he was. He obviously did notbuilt the pyramid himself. This was the res ( Full Answer )

Where were the pyramids built?

Numerous pyramids have been built at different moments in time andin different places. The Great Pyramids at Giza, which are the mostfamous Egyptian pyramids, are built near to the modern city of Gizaon the west bank of the Nile River. Numerous Nubian pyramids werebuilt in southern Egypt. There are ( Full Answer )

How did the built pyramids?

Shortly after ascending the throne in 2589BC, Pharaoh Khufu commanded his overseer of works to prepare a burial place in keeping with his status as a god-king, a pyramid tomb far grander than anything that had been built before or since. A site was chosen on the Giza plateau west of the Nile across ( Full Answer )

Who built the pyramids and how were they built?

One big dump from my Word files. . Shortly after coming to the throne the Pharaoh would command hisoverseer of public works and architects to prepare a burial placein keeping with his status as a god-king, a launching pad to enablehis soul to soar from the earth to join the gods and his ancestorsin ( Full Answer )

What was the pyramid built out of?

I would imagine the huge bricks that they are built of would have been cut out of sandstone, at a nearby quarry.

Where did the pyramids built and why?

Some of the early building codes required that if a building fails and an occupant dies, then the builders like family member will be put to death. So now let's imagine a builder is asked to build a tomb. Not wanting to lose more family members, the builder designs a structure that will not fail. th ( Full Answer )

What pyramids are built for?

Pyramids are built for praying to the Egyptian Gods. They were also built because egyptians believed that when you die you bring all of your riches with you. (also how much money you have gets you into "heaven") They built the pyramids to contain their bodies and riches, so that in the afterlife t ( Full Answer )

Why the pyramids built?

The pyramids are like a tomb for the Pharaoh and his treasures. When the Pharaoh dies he is mummifies with his treasure in the pyramids.

When pyramids built and why?

The pyramids were built to protect the body of the dead pharaoh. Pyramids were built until the Egyptian middle kingdom ended. (c.1550BC) ~ Bye...'!

How the pyramids are built?

I very complex system of dirt ramps and maybe pulleys with utterly massive amounts of man power and rope. Basically they build a dirt ramp to slide up a sand stone block and then build another ramp higher for the next one and in the end they clean off the dirt