When were the stars born?

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What are stars born in?

Stars are born in nebula.

When is stars birthdays?

once the first stars are born they die and new stars are born and there really isn't a birthday for stars if you think about, it to us it could be 5,000,000 light years from now!

When are stars born?

New stars are being born all the time. The rate of star formation in the Milky Way is about 7 new stars a year.

Stars are born in?

star born is 1954

How did he get born and i think jesas was the first person born and he was born from the stars he came down 1903 and landed 2000?

jesus was not born from the stars he was born from the virgin mary

Which stars were born first as the Milky Way formed?

The stars throughout the disk.

How are stars borrn and how do they die?

Stars are born in a Nebula and die by burning out their energy.

What Rock Stars were born in January 1933?

Some rock stars were born in 1933. Among the older rock stars include John Mayall, Yoko Ono, and Wayne Shorter.

What stars were born in Colorado?


Where in space are stars born?


What do astronomers believe are 'born' in nebulae?


What stars are born in 1996?

There were several famous celebrities that were born in 1996. A few of the stars were Austin Mahone, Lorde, and Luke Korns.

Do clouds has a nebula?

No, a nebula is a place where stars are born. Stars and clouds are very different.

What actors and actresses appeared in Stars Are Born - 1951?

The cast of Stars Are Born - 1951 includes: Tod Manners as Himself - Host

Does the number of stars change in a galaxy?

Yes because stars are dying and being born constantly.

How do dying stars form planets?

They don't - new born stars and planets are formed together.

What movie stars were born in march?


What stars were born in Alabama?

Debby Ryan

Does the Milky Way create new stars?

the milk way didn't create any new stars the stars born there they born because the stellar nursesin and the molecule of the giant cloud and the gas and also the dust that join together and make stars and also the gravity

Stars born in a galaxy?

You will need to expand on that question. If you mean how many stars are born in a galaxy then it would be inaccurate for me to give an answer because a galaxy is a vast, heavy grouping of stars, supported by gravity. There is no minimum or maximum amount of stars allowed and so a galaxy could vary quite vastly in the number of stars it contains.

How do stars age and die?

stars are born from interstellar gas clouds, shine by nuclear fusion and then die

Do stars disappear in the sky?

no but they one day die and they end up disappereing but new stars are born

What is meant when it says that stars have a life cycle?

Stars are "born", mature, reach old age, then "die".

Where was Elizabeth McGovern born?

Where was Elizabeth McGovern who stars in Downtown Abbey born

How many stars are born?

Every star in the Universe was born at some time. Currently, much less new stars are being born than when the Universe was young.