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Send as a jpg attachment to Should show up.

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You can. The picture has to be a jpg. Send it to as an attachment. When you get the message, choose "options" for the message and scroll down. "Save Picture" will be one of the options. When you save the picture to your phone, you can use it as a wallpaper or w/e. Don't freak if the picture doesn't display correctly when viewing the message. It'll be okay once saved to your phone. Picture message rates apply.

You can send the message to your email and print it out from there.

i cant send picture messages to a virgin mobile phone from mu cricket wireless phone

It gave you the wrong message. It probably meant that you had not paid any money within the time period. Contact Virgin Mobile. They will not contact you.

To receive wireless service from Virgin Mobile visit a local Virgin Mobile store. One could also visit the Virgin Mobile website or call the Virgin Mobile company.

The classical song in the background of the new Virgin Mobile commercial is Waltz no.2 by Dmitri Shostakovic. In the much music Virgin Mobile All Access commercial the name of the song is: Enter Through The Sun by Young Empires.

"Think Hatke" is the Tagline of Virgin Mobile.

Huw do i opt out on virgin mobile

Virgin Mobile USA's population is 420.

Virgin Mobile USA's population is 2,008.

Virgin Mobile USA was created in 2001.

Virgin Mobile France's population is 90.

Virgin Mobile UK was created in 1999.

The population of Virgin Mobile UK is 1,700.

Virgin Mobile Australia's population is 2,008.

It's called virgin mobile because Richard benson i think is he is name ,is the founder & owner of virgin records and he also founder and owner virgin mobile

Virgin Mobile offers a wide variety of mobile and landline phone services. All of their landline services are offered through AT& T. These services also include high speed internet.

You can contact Virgin Mobile online through their official website VirginMobilaUSA. You can also reach them through their phone line at 1-888-322-1122.

Virgin Mobile Canada is owned by Bell Mobility, Inc. Andrew Bridge is Virgin Mobile Canada's managing director.


Virgin Mobile is powered by Sprint/Nextel.

Yes there are places in the UK where Virgin mobile phones can be purchased. You can purchase a Virgin mobile phone at a Nokia store in UK. They also have a store that specifically sells Virgin mobile phones.

It is a 4 digit number only available from a virgin mobile

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