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Q: When will Donna summer release a new CD?
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When will Evanescence release a new CD?

Evanescence will release a new CD early fall of 2010.

Is Dion Donna the prima Donna album available on CD?


Does Marvin sease have a new CD out?

yes,this past summer

What is the name of maxwell's new CD?

Black Summer's Night

When does the new MCR MyChemicalRomance CD come out?

Late summer/fall

When is Ashley Monroe's CD coming out?

Ashley has been in the recording studio and writing new songs. She has not had a CD released yet are hoping for a new single release this summer with the CD release in the fall. Ashley's CD "Satisfied" is now going to be released digitally on May 19, 2009! It will be available on iTunes,, etc. for download! YEAH! its about time!

Is Miley Cyrus going tohave a new CD out?

Yes, the new CD is called, "Breakout", scheduled to release July 22nd.

Dose marques Houston have a new CD for 2008?

according to his myspace page, his new CD is scheduled for November 18, 2008 release.

Did Jim Miller of Donna the buffalo put out a solo CD?


When will Keith Urban release a new CD?

Melbourne 2013 Feburary

Does Chris Brown have a new CD?

Chris Brown's latest CD that came out was called Graffiti. In the spring of 2011, Chris Brown said he will release a new CD called F.A.M.E.

What are some good songs to use for competitive aerobics?

Any Donna Summer disco songs. Good , energetic beat. Hot Stuff , [She Works] Hard for the Money , most of the songs off her Donna Summer/Endless Summer album/CD. Any dance music with a good beat will do, and sorry to tell you, but Disco lives. It was only 2-3 years ago they did that Abba movie/musical.

What is the release date for rihanna's new CD?

November 16th this is what say

What is the release date for Cody Simpson new CD?

20th of December 2010

When is Justin Bieber's new CD coming out?

justin said that the 2012 cd is coming out in the summer, so he's still in the recording studio. Hope you like the music.

Release date or The Supremes new CD Let Yourself Go vol 2?

I need to know the release date of The Supremes new CD entitled: Let Yourself Go," supppositly release April, 2oo9. thanks \Jonnathan

Is Meat Loaf coming out with a new CD?

--YES! However it will not be Bat Out of Hell 4. --During the summer of 2010 Meat Loaf will be on tour promoting his latest release: "Hang Cool Teddy Bear".

New Disturbed CD?

the new industruable CD is out

What is the Price of a music CD in 2007?

In the UK, a new release album is generally £12.99

When is Blink 182's new CD coming out?

it is said to release in June or July

Lillo Thomas new album release?

There is a new CD by Lillo called "Come And Get It" availabel at Amazon and Itunes

What is Eminem's new CD title?

His new CD is Relapse

What are the release dates for The New Yankee Workshop - 1989 CD Storage Case - 13.4?

The New Yankee Workshop - 1989 CD Storage Case - 13.4 was released on: USA: 2001

When does the black eyed peas new CD come out?

the upcoming album of the group titled the E.N.D. vol 2 will come out this summer.

When will Maxwell's trilogy CD Black Summer Nights be released?

Maxwell releases his album trilogy early 09. Columbia his record company is timing the release carefully.Snillits of new material can be heard on Maxwell's MySpace site.