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Nobody, probably not even Justin Bieber himself, would know when he will become single again.


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Okay Reality Check Here, Justin Is SINGLE! And They're NOT Dating. Justin And Miley Are Only Friends, And Again Justin Is SINGLE!

Justin Bieber is currently single (although he has an on-again, off-again relationship with Selena Gomez). He does seem to be high-maintenance, though. It would probably not be easy to date him.

Yes, Justin Bieber is a christian.

No. Again Justin Bieber is SINGLE! He claims he is, but you never know, he has an awesome swagger, so it's really easy for him to get a girl.

Justin Bieber is currently single as of 2010, yet again he said he is a good friend of Miley,but she just isn't his type.

Yes Justin Bieber was on on Monday 17th of may 2010 !!

In my opinion Justin bieber is horrible any way so no

he is a really great singer,(but not as good as Justin bieber) and he is cute but onse again no as cut as Justin bieber

No Justin bieber wont go to France again.. It's wrong He will come again but he doesn't know when !!He said at the end of 2010 or early 2011!

no Justin bieber is a christian Yes he does, but then again, so does every other teenager, Christian or not.

no Justin did not play a act in 17 again but Justin has his own movie called never say never but Justin tried to get a part in 17 again

by meeting again and Justin bieber sang baby baby oh to her and she came back to him

Well i know that you can get then off of Ebay except that they were really expensive last time i looked, but then again, Justin Bieber is worth that right?!

i don't know when he will be single ,but i think hes now (single)

No. Justin bieber is a 9 year old little girl, incapable of mustering up any sort of muscle mass whatsoever. I will repeat again. Justin Bieber DOES NOT have a six pack.

he's dating this girl, sian eckles

well i would hug him and then scream then hug him again

He is doing a world tour in 2016.

As of March 2014, it does seem that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are dating once again. They have been spotted kissing in a Texas town.

He already has and plas on doing it again.

he is coming on the 17th and 18th of February 2013

No, Justin Bieber actually at one time had 4 F's on his report card. Then again he was on honor roll at one point...Beta of course.

Justin Bieber's parents are not together. Jaxon Bieber is Justin's half brother. Justin's dad and his new wife are Jaxon's parents.(:

i hope you mean "what does Justin bieber want to buy his mom"?

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