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Justin Bieber's debut album, "My World", will be released on September 15, 2009.


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Justin Bieber's first album "My World " came out in 2009.

Justin Bieber was 15 when his first album came out

Justin biebers first album is my world

justin singed his first album in 2010

His first album was "My World" then "My World 2" then "Justin Bieber Acoustic Album" and "Justin Bieber The Remixes" .

Justin Bieber's first single "One Time" was released in July 2009

On November 17, 2009, Justin Bieber released My World, his first album ever.

Justin Bieber sings one time. It was the first song on his album My world 1. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER <3

15 years old it was called one time and the album was my world

the first CD Justin Bieber released was one time from his debut album my world!

his first one is my world his second is my world 2.0

were was Justin bieber first concert

do you mean stores? cuz its out on November 17, 2009.

Kissing Justin BieberBefore you can kiss Justin Bieber, you must first meet him.

Justin biebers first album was 'My World'

he released where are you now last year

Justin Bieber had his first kiss at the age of 13.

Justin Bieber sang baby at his first concert.

Justin Bieber had his first kiss was when he 13 years old.:)

The first song Justin Bieber did was, " Baby" and " One Time"

Down To Earth, Bigger and First Dance. and Common Denominator if you count that on the My World album :)

Yes, Justin Bieber does have a book. It is called Justin Bieber First Step to Forever: My Story.

Yes. He wrote the song on his first album called "Down to Earth" about it.

Not many. My world, his first album, went platinum:)

First of all Justin Bieber doesn't have a album called 'Your Worlds' or do you mean 'My Worlds' here are the tracks off the album -One TimeFavourite GirlDown To EarthBiggerOne Less Lonely GirlFirst DanceLove Me

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