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It's been on comedy Central for some time now. Sometimes it will come on TNT too.

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What day did Napoleon Dynamite come out?

June 11, 2004 (limited) and August 27, 2004.

What channel does srubs come out in?

comedy central

What musician did the name Napoleon Dynamite come from?

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What time does Jeff Dunham on Comedy Central?

what time does jeff dunham come on

What channel is comedy central on comcast and what time does juff dunham come on?

the shows cancelled and it was awful.

When does scrubs season 9 come?

in just a few months it will either air on comedy central or ABC

When did taio cruz's album ''dynamite'' come out?

June 2010.

When did the song dynamite come out?


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When is south park come back on chanael 39?

You can watch south park on comedy central weekdays at 5:00 pm .

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