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because we are a mainly conservative state that won't budge, consider moving to Colorado

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What is a sentence with the word legalize?

It is a big mistake to legalize marijuana

How do you use the word legalize in a sentence?

Many people are still petitioning to legalize marijuana.

Are they going to legalize marijuana in Arizona?

Yes, medical marijuana is legal in arizona

What state will be the first to legalize marijuana?

Washington state will vote for Initiative 502 in the November 2012 election and if it passes it will become the first state to legalize marijuana.

What is the definition of the word 'legalize'?

The definition of the word legalize is to make something lawful. That is, to give legal validity to something. For example, the State of Washington recently legalized marijuana.

When will the state of Georgia legalize recreational marijuana?

When the state decides to remove the Marijuana-related criminal charges from the statutes.

Does Barack Obama want to legalize marijuana?

He wants to stop federal criminalization and legalize medical marijuana (as in California) nationwide. He does not want to make it "legal" though. He does not intend to leaglize it at all, he mearly wants to decriminalize it so the individual state can legalize it or tax it as a source of revenue

Who wants to legalize marijuana?

Me. and other people who think it's ridiculous how tobacco is a lot worse for your health than marijuana is.

How do you legalize marijuana?

I believe the only ways to legalize marijuana is to move to California, Oklahoma, or any other state that has legalized it. The second i feel is to turn it into an herb. i feel that if it is cooked than it is considered a herb which is ingested as food.

The laws of marijuana in texas?

In Texas, marijuana is illegal. Maybe one day medical marijuana will be legal and even possibly marijuana in general.

Arsenic in marijuana?

not unless the dealer put arsenic in it... we should legalize it and eliminate that problem.

What are reasons why the US should not legalize marijuana?

they dont want anyone to have a good time!

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