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When will a period start after a cycle of Clomid if pregnancy did not occur?

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Periods and Clomidi used clomid and if pregnancy hasn't occured u will have a period after the cycle of clomid
2011-09-14 10:17:06
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How many days after your period is your safe period?

There is no 'safe' period. Pregnancy can occur at any time during your menstrual cycle.

What is higher of getting pregnant before period or after?

Day 1 of your cycle is the day you start your period, followed by ovulation. About 14 days after ovulation you will have your next period if you are not pregnant, beginning the cycle over again. Ovulation is the phase of the cycle when pregnancy can occur and this comes after your period.

How long will pregnancy occur after injaculation during the period cycle?

pregnancy occurs after you ovulate which is usually 14 day`s into your cycle so a pregnancy test can be done a day after you are due your period or you could use a pregnancy test like First Response that can tell you up to 4 day`s before your period whether you`re pregnant or not.

Can you be pregnant before you even get your first period?

No. In order for pregnancy to occur, ovulation must happen which is part of the females cycle.

If he comes inside of you 1 day before period Does your period still come?

It is highly unlikely that pregnancy would occur 1 day before the period. Therefore, the period should resume as usual. It is important to note that pregnancy can occur at anytime during the cycle, but most commonly it occurs on or around day 14.

Can pregnancy occur if the menstrual cycle is irregular?


Can pregnancy occur without period?


Why do you have to get your period?

the "period" is a part of the reproductive cycle/system.The menstrual cycle involves the development of a nutrient-rich lining (the endometrium) within a woman's uterus that will cushion and nourish a developing fetus should impregnation occur. If pregnancy does not occur, this lining is released in what is known as menstruation, or a menstrual period. I hope I helped :D

What happens if you leave sperm in vagina when shes on her period?

It's unlikely that pregnancy will occur during the menstrual cycle as there is not a egg in the correct position in which to be fertilized. However there is a 1% risk that pregnancy can occur so if it's possible, get the morning after pill.

Can you get pregnant during menses?

Yes you can. Ovulation normally occurs on day 14 of the cycle if the period is regular. However, ovulation may potentially occur at anytime during the cycle and lead to pregnancy.

What happens to the uterus in the menstrual cycle?

During the menstrual cycle the secondary uterus lining plumps-up in preparation for the possibility of pregnancy so that it can care for the growing fetus. If pregnancy doesn't occur then the uterus lining sheds, this is known as the menstrual phase or a 'period'.

True of False - Pregnancy can occur the first time a couple has intercourse?

Yes! as long as it is in that period of a woman's fertility cycle where she is ovulating and she doesn't have to have had her first period yet either. Same after having a baby - she can get pregnant right away, again without having a period. The fertility cycle comes before the period.

Why do normal fluctuations of FSH occur?

Normal fluctuations occur as a result of puberty, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause.

Is it possible that after menstrual cycle pregnancy can occurs?

It is possible, but not always likely. A female's menstrual cycle, including ovulation, is nearly impossible to predict. This makes it hard to determine when your greatest chances of pregnancy can occur. Some women can even become pregnant while on their period, contrary to common myths.

How can you get pregnant if on period?

Ovulation can occur at any point during your cycle. Even during your period.

Can your period regulate due to becoming sexually active?

No sex and your period is only related when pregnancy occur.

Can you have symptoms of pregnancy just days after conceiving?

Pregnancy symptoms usually can occur as early as the week of the expected period or 1-2 weeks after the expected period.

What complications can occur during the germinal period of pregnancy?

Vomiting and back pains and such

Can pregnancy occur before the first menstrual period?

It's possible, though not likely. If the very first menstrual cycle is ovulatory, which isn't always the case, it may be possible to get pregnant a couple of weeks before menarche (the first period).

Can a girl get pregnant any time during her cycle?

Yes it is possible. Depending on which day in the cycle there is more or less of a chance that pregnancy can occur.

Can you conceive a day before your period and experience spotting?

You can conceive at any time throughout your cycle, including during your menstrual period. Spotting generally occurs during implantation and other times throughout a pregnancy. Spotting can also occur just before or just after a menstrual period. If you are concerned you may be pregnant, you should obtain a pregnancy test.

Is spotting right before your period mean that your are not pregnant?

No. Spotting can occur during pregnancy.

What is the meaning of a menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle is the reproductive cycle of human beings, experienced by females. Every cycle the body prepares for chance of pregnancy by releasing an egg and plumping-up the uterus lining, if pregnancy doesn't occur then the uterus lining sheds ready to start a new next cycle.

Can an abnormal period be a sign of pregnancy?

I had a abnormal period, but found out I was not pregnant. Its my understanding that although pregnancy can occur right before your period starts or during if you have unprotected sex buts it very very very unlikely.

Do you still have a period when you have your tubes tied?

A tubal ligation, commonly referred to as having the tubes tied, does not affect menstruation. Although the egg released by the ovary cannot travel to the uterus, the uterus still prepares for the possibility of pregnancy, which leads to the menstrual cycle when pregnancy does not occur.