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Q: When will bbm results will be announced as per mysore university exams held on nov-dec 2011?
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When will Anna university novdec semester 2009-10 results be announced?

Anna university chennai nov dec 2009 results will come on only January 8th 2010 only...

When is Anna university results for NovDec 2009 coming?

probably on or before Jan 8

When is the Anna university mca novdec 2008 result will be published?

Feb 04 10 am

When will the Anna university results of novdec 2008 be released?

pre register with to get the results thu email, this one is spontaneous and we need not wait until the net traffic is cleared to view the results.Resusts are expected Jan end or 1st week of Feb this is the link i did it for least sem results and it worked

Is waec result novdec 2008 out?


You want to your know novdec index number?


Waecgce novdec time table?

waecgce timetable

When will neco novdec result 2008 will be out?

test test2

What website do you find your centers for novdec 2012?

wo maame twe

Is novdec waec external result out?

Yes its out 16th/dec/2011

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