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The University of Pune is one of India's premier Universities and a prestigious educational institution in the state of Maharashtra. It is spread over a 400 acre campus in northwestern Pune, and is home to 46 academic departments. This category is for any questions regarding the University and all colleges associated with it.

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As for AICTE norms is M.Com equal to MBA for faculty positions in MBA course?

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Each degree offered by any education system is different and unique. Thus, M.Com is equally important and valuable degree than MBA. MBA students are being taught at many AICTE approved colleges in India by M.Com Faculty.

Tybsc result2008 sem-1 chemistry pune?

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4th sem exam time table?

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2nd june to 20th of june at

When is tyba result of pune university of arts?

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can u please provide me the date of results of T.Y.B.A. 2009 (pune university)

What is the time table of Backlog papper of first year engineering 2008 pattern pune university?

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backlog timetable of mba in pune university of 2011 in november

Which school in pune is best for 11th science?

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Akshara International School, Wakad, Pune is the best for 11th Science. The Senior Secondary Science team of Akshara is an experienced team of subject teachers and competitive exam coaches.

How do you identify marksheet number on ssc mark sheet?

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Example : A/11/03195/580217

It is present at the top right hand side corner.

What is the syllabus for 2nd year BBA of pune university?

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SEMESTER – I Theory INT. Total

BBA-101:Fundamentals of Management 75 25 100

BBA-102:OrganizationalBehavior 75 25 100

BBA-103:Managerial Economics 75 25 100

BBA-104: Accounting for Managers 75 25 100

BBA-105:Business Law 75 25 100

BBA-106:BusinessOrganization and Ethics 75 25 100

BBA-008: Environmental Studies (Qualifying paper) 100


BBA-201:Quantitative Techniques for Business 75 25 100

BBA-202:Business Communication 75 25 100

BBA-203:Human Resource Management 75 25 100

BBA-204: Marketing Management 75 25 100

BBA-205 :Business Environment 75 25 100

BBA-206: Fundamentals of Computer 75 25 100

BBA-207:Assessments on Soft Skill Based on 100

Presentations/ G.D/ Personality traits


BBA-301:Advertising Management 75 25 100

BBA-302:Team Building & Leadership 75 25 100

BBA-303 Indian Economy 75 25 100

BBA-304:Customer Relationship Management 75 25 100

BBA-305:Management Information System 75 25 100

BBA-306:Income Tax Law & practice 75 25 100


BBA-401:ConsumerBehavior 75 25 100

BBA-402:Financial Management 75 25 100

BBA-403:Production& Operation Management 75 25 100

BBA-404:Sales& Distribution Management 75 25 100

BBA-405:Research Methodology 75 25 100

BBA-406:Entrepreneurship& Small Business 75 25 100


BBA-407:Computer Oriented Practical &Viva- 100




BBA-501:Arithmetic Aptitude 75 25 100

BBA-502:Aptitude Reasoning 75 25 100

BBA-503:General Business Awareness 75 25 100

BBA-504:General English 75 25 100

BBA-505:Elective Paper M-1/ F-1 75 25 100

BBA-506:Elective Paper M-2 / F-2 75 25 100

BBA-507:Summer Training Project Report based 100

Viva- Voce

Note: Paper code BBA-501, BBA-502, BBA-503 and BBA-504 will be of multiple-choice objective

type questions.


BBA-601:Strategic Management & Business Policy 75 25 100

BBA-602:Operation Research 75 25 100

BBA-603:Fundamentals of E Commerce 75 25 100

BBA-604:Economic and Industrial Law 75 25 100

BBA-605:Elective Paper M-3/ F-3 75 25 100

BBA-606:Elective Paper M-4/ F-4 75 25 100

BBA-607: ComprehensiveViva-Voce 100

The Elective papers in the functional specialization will be as follows:


M-1 Rural Marketing

M-2 Service Marketing

M-3 Retail Management

M-4 Digital Marketing


F-1 Corporate Direct Tax and Indirect Tax

F-2 Financial Institutions & Investment Management

F-3Accounting for Managerial Decision & Analysis

F-4Goods and Service Tax

Nagpur university time table B-COM III?

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Get the all updates on Nagpur University educational stuff from direct link for B.Com first year nagpur university winter 2009 timetable,

The recommended unofficial blog From Nagpur university.


Pune university results 2009 f y bcom?

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i want know my result. M.Com 1st year Result in Pune university.

BCA 1st semester Syllabus of pune university?

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101 business communication

102 principles of management

103 programming principles & alogortihims

104 computer fundamental & office automation

105 business accounting

106 computer laboratory & preactical work

When is fyba pune univercity results?

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what is the date of result for FE Engg.2013 2012-2013 pattern

What is the date of the results of Pune University FY BSc Computer Science exams held in March-April 2009?

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Exam timetable of pune university of mpm?

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its done ........................................... now look out for 2009 . its done ........................................... now look out for 2009 . its done ........................................... now look out for 2009 . its done ........................................... now look out for 2009 . its done ........................................... now look out for 2009 .

When is FYBA pune university results?

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where is date of result f.y.b.a. from ycmou

Details for external admission for LLB?

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Yaa, i m looking external M. A. admission for English literatur from Pune university.

What is full form of CMJ University and is this University AICTE approved or not?

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C.Mothilal Jawaharlal university is its full form.University does not require AICTE approvals.This degree is automatically eligible for all private and public sector jobs.

What is the syllabus for exam of drug inspector in India?

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SYLLABUS OF WRITTEN EXAMINATION FOR THE POST OF DRUGS INSPECTOR PURSUANT TO ADVT.NO.9 OF 2003/04. PHARMACY.There should be 8 units containing the following :UNT-I.- FORENSIC PHARMACY - 1. Drugs and Cosmotic Act,1940 and Rules there under, 1945 with amendments. 2. Pharmacy Act,1948 3. Drug price Control Order, 1995. 4. Medical termination of pregnancy Act, 1971. 5. Poison Act, 1919 and Dangerous Drugs Act, 1930. 6. Drugs and Magic Remedy Act, 1954. 7. Medical and Toilet preparation Act, 1955. 8. Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act. 9. Trade Mark Registration Act. 10. Pharmaceutical Ethics. UNIT - II - MANUFACTURING OPHARMACY. 1. Tablet and Tablet Coating,. 2. Capsule. 3. Emulsian, Suspension, Ointment and Cream. 4. Optholomic Solutions. 5. Blood Fluid and Electrolyties. 6. Parental preparation and Quality Control. 7. Surgical Dressing. 8. Biological Preparation….(Sera, Vaccine & Anti-Sera). 9. Biopharmaceutics. UNIT - III- PHARMACEUTICAL ANALYSIS. 1. Limit Test. 2. Bio-Assey. 3. Sterility Test. 4. Pyrogen Test. 5. Theory & Application of Colerimeter, Flerimeter, Nephlometer, and Turbidometry, U.V. Visilile Spectrophotemeter. 6. Karl Fischer Titration. 7. Alcohol determination. 8. Microbiological Assey of Vitamines, Antibiothics and Vaccine Preparation. UNIT - IV - MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY -. Following Classes :- 1. Structure, Storage and Preparation of Brand names of the steriods (definition, classification etc.). # Sedatives and Hypnotics. # Psycho-therapentic Agents. # Anti Histaminic Agents. # Analgesics(narcotic, non-narcotic and NSAID) # Cardiovascular Agents. UNIT - V - PHARMACOGNESY; Source, Chemical constituents, uses and adulteration of the following classes of natural drugs, Rauwalfia, Epecacuhana, Belladona, Chinchona, Cinnamon, Digitalis, Senna, Alloe, Noxvomica, Opium Alkoloid, Kurchi, Brahmi, Tulsi, Bael and Ephedra. UNIT - VI - PHARMACOLOGY & TOXIOLOG. Introduction and general principle :- Mode of action, drug receptor interaction, drug antagonist, absorption, distribution, metabilisim and exerition, rate of administration, Bioavailability, drug dependence and addiction, drug abuse and toxicity, drug adverse reaction, Drug allergy and Biostatics. UNIT - VII - HOSPITAL & CLINICAL OPHARMACY - Handling of prescription, Incompatibility, Storage condition of drug, Clinical Pharmacy and its role in Hospital. UNIT - VIII - ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY & HEALTH EDUCATION - # Elementary knowledge of following systems :- Blood, Digestive System , respiratory system, Eye, Ear, Reproduction system and Urinary system. # Nutrition, First Aid and Population Control, AIDS Control.

Pune university engineering revaluation results?

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Looks like .Even the Vice Chancelor does not know, 3 months have passed !!

What are the applications of uv-visible spectroscopy?

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The main applications of NMR stereoscopy are the elucidation of the carbon-hydrogen backbone of organic compounds and the determination of the relative stereochemistry of the same molecule. See the link below for more details.