When will be Alice academy season 2 be aired in the Philippines?

To tell you the truth, Gakuen Alice (Academy) Season 2 does not exist. Alot of rumors have been spreading and alot of people are believing it. The people who made the first season have not announced anything about making another season. It still is possible that another season might come out! Though, the chances are low..

However, there is a petition going on about having another season for Gakuen Alice (Academy) at:


You can read the Manga at MangaFox and it goes beyond what happens in Season 1, it's in English, at:


But if you want to just read the Summary of what's happening so far in Gakuen Alice, the manga is still being created, you can go to:


If the site addresses don't show in blue for you, just copy and paste it into you address bar or copy and paste it into Google.

Hope that Helps!