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It is impossible to predict the next time a volcano will erupt.

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The repair costs of the Montserrat eruption was $268,000.00. Between storm damage and volcanic eruptions, Montserrat averages 8,645.00 damage annually. In the last volcanic eruption 5,000 people were affected and 32 were killed.

19 people were killed, but most of the Southern part of Montserrat (where the volcano is) was evacuated.

No. The term compostie volcano describes a kind of volcano, not a kind of volcanic eruption. The Soufrière Hills on Montserrat is indeed a composite volcano, however, whether it is erupting or not.

they put signs up and then people started to get evacuated

Montserrat had minor eruptions in 1995. The volcanic activity continued through 1996 and 1997. There was a major eruption in June of 1997 that killed 19 people.

The Montserrat volcano eruption took place in February 11th 2010

The overall Montserrat eruption lasted for 3 years. From 1995 to 1998.

A volcanic eruption underwater is called a submarine volcanic eruption. By contrast, a volcanic eruption on land is called a subaerial eruption.

It is impossible to predict when or where the next major volcanic eruption will occur.

Montserrat is a volcanic island because it was formed by a volcano. The volcano is the result of a subduction zone.

There's no determinable specific event that causes an eruption. It's a slow build-up of underground pressures that eventually goes past the breaking Point and have to be released.

Yes. Krakatoa was a volcano. Therefore the eruption of Kraktoa was a volcanic eruption.

VOLCANIC ERUPTion is an tectonic eruption !! BALIW JOKE LNG HUH

there are 5 steps to a volcanic eruption.

There are many possible effects that come from a volcanic eruption. Many animals and plants die from volcanic eruption experiences.

Almost every country. Only a few countries experienced volcanic eruptions in 2010, so any country not listed did not experience a volcanic eruption.EcuadorGuatemalaIcelandIndonesiaPapua New GuineaRussiaUnited Kingdom (Montserrat territory)United States

it is the upperpart of the volcanic chimney during an eruption it is the upperpart of the volcanic chimney during an eruption

No. However a volcanic eruption can cause a tsunami.

The Montserrat eruption was predicted by scientists. They warned the British government that the volcano was still active and would erupt again. The predictions were ignored.

harmful effect of volcanic eruption

a molten metal called lava comes out of the volcanic eruption

when were the last 10 volcanic eruption in the U.S?