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what happen to chris jericho and will he be back soon

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โˆ™ 2011-09-22 04:36:06
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Q: When will chris jericho comeback?
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When will chris Jericho comeback to the WWE?

Not anytime soon, he is currently doing Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars and after that his band will be back on tour for the summer.

Does Chris Jericho have a MySpace?

No Chris Jericho does not have a myspace.

What is the name of Chris Jericho's brother?

Chris Jericho Or Chris Irvine does not Have a Brother he is the only Child

Who is better Chris Benoit or Chris Jericho?

Benoit has amazing ring skills and so does Jericho but Jericho has great mic skills to but with Benoit;s tragedy I have to say Chris Jericho.

Who is smarter chris Jericho or jack swagger?

Chris Jericho I guess.

Is Zack ryder better than chris Jericho?

no chris jericho

When was Chris Jericho born?

Chris Jericho was born on November 9, 1970.

What is Chris Jericho's birthday?

Chris Jericho was born on November 9, 1970.

Who is stronger between Chris Jericho and Chris Jericho?

I think Y2J is stronger

Where can you find Chris Jericho's theme song?

first type in chris Jericho on Google then on the first page you'll see youtub-chris Jericho theme music

The best chris Jericho caw?

chris Jericho is a dumb idiot

How tall is chris Jericho in real life?

chris Jericho is about 5ft9 in real life

Who won the rock or chris Jericho?

the rock would beat the crap out of chris jericho

When will chris jericho retrun?

Chris Jericho is on dancing with the stars so he might not be returning.

What is Chris Jericho's real name?

Chris Jericho's real name is Christopher Keith Irvine.

What is Chris Jericho's moms name?

Chris Jericho's mom's name is Loretta Vivian Irvine

Who has held the wwe intercontinental championship the most times?

Chris Jericho has held it the most times. 9 times exactlyChris Jericho

Who is better Chris Jericho or Shawn Michaels?

Chris JerichoChris Jerichoof course Shawn Michaels.

What is Chris Jericho's email address?

Chris Jericho, the wrestler and musician, can be contacted by emailing him at Jericho was born in Tampa, Florida in 1970.

How much doese chris Jericho weigh?

Chris Jericho weigh's 226 lb (103 kg).

When will chris Jericho come to the WWE?

Chris Jericho will come back at Extreme Rules, after Wrestlemania 30.

Is chris Jericho going to be in the royal rumble?

yes y2j Chris Jericho will be in the 2012 royal rumble.

What is the name of chris jericho's lock?

The Walls of Jericho

Is Chris Brown going to make a comeback?

Chris Brown already made a comeback at the Bet Awards and with his new mix-tape.

Is Chris Jericho single?

Yes Chris Jericho hacked up Randy Orton's 2 kids No Chris Jericho is not single. He is currently married to Jessica Lee Lockhart, they have 3 kids