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sly 4 will come out on may the 31 2012

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Sly 4 is called thieves in time. It will come out in late 2012.

maybe not sly 4 but there will be a sly cooper on psp

No one knows, as a sly 4 hasn't come out yet.

the answer is unknown if sly 4 is in the making or if there ever will be,sly cooper is awesome i wish sly 4 would come out too!

it will come out after infamous is out they will make sly 4

just sly 4 it will come out in 2012 i think

it wont. sly 4 is called final encore.

i dont think sly 4 is comin out for ps2. it is for ps3. no promises it will even come out.

There will be a Sly 4 on June 8th Its expcted 2 come out

E3, announced that Sly 4: Theives in Time will come out in 2012...

No, Sly 4 is only going to be available for PlayStation 3.

Yes. Sly 4 is going to come out around Easter 2010.

Sly 4 was released 8 years after sly 3. So if you asked this question when sly 3 was released then the answer is 8 years

Sly 4 is called Power of thieves not King of thieves. Sly 4 is not out yet. It will come out in late 2010.

Sly cooper 4. It should come out soon

There's no information on it, because Sly 4 hasn't came out yet.


This is currently unknown. But there may because in Sly 4 Sly was lost in time and Bentley, Murray and Carmelita may find him in Sly 5

It comes out in August 2011

it come out in 2009 in the fall cause sucker punch had to work on a diffrent game and it will take them a while to make sly 4

No there is not even a game with that title, but any new Sly games are not for the PS2

No one knows yet. It will not be finished before Infamous id finished. After that Sucker punch only starts making Sly 4.

The only information out right now is that it will come out this year.

Murray has to be in Sly 4 he's one of the coolest guys on the team. The game wouldn't be fun without him on the team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Murray is in sly 4. So you mean ther is going to BE a Sly 4? Cool! I'm a swedish girl, when do it come in sweden?

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