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When will the cbse-X results be published?

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CBSE Results 2008 expected dates

Class XII - 23 May 2008

Class X - 28 May 2008

Advance registration for getting CBSE Results 2008 by email already on.

CBSE Results class X - 2011CBSE result for class x is declared by CBSE during the second half of May. This result is mostly declared in phases according to the various regions of CBSE, Panchkula, Delhi, Chennai, Allahabad to name a few.

This year too the results are expected almost at the same time.

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When will 1st year b com results of mg university published?

the results are published at the university....we can never be sure when will they be published in net the results of 2nd language r out.

What do scientists do with their results after an investigation?

Results get published.

When will the engineering2010 results will be published?

till not yet published

When will the result of 2nd IEO published?

The results will be published in 2013.

When will be madras university ide ug results will be published for June 2008.?

when will the IDE results published. Any improvement?

When the trichy Anna university results for second semester results will b published?

With in this September fourth week result will be published

When will the April 2008 UG results of Madras University be announced?

its published on 13th july. The dates are different for different courses. madras university published bcom results soon but they published bsc results after 2 days.

When will Anna university PG exam nov 2007 results will be published?

when will Anna university nov 2007 revaluvation results will published

When will madras university UG revaluation results be published?

MBA pg revaluation results will be published on Wednesday 7th Jan 2009

When have published result of ssc in 2004?

The results of ssc exam are published in June. The secondary exam results re declared in November.

Where can I check Anna University 2009 results for April-May?

RESULTS 2009 WILL BE PUBLISHED AFTER JULY 15TH.. THIS IS THE AUTHENTICATED MESSAGE FROM THE UNIVERSITY.. FOR MORE DETAILS ON THIS RESULTS.. VISIT Check your results at Pre-register at to get your results by email as soon as they are published. Results are expected to be published on Wednesday June 10, 2009

When will the results be published of the second PUC supplementary 2010 in Karnataka?

Results will be published in august 1st week most probably 2nd of August.

When the BE second semester results will published?


When will the results for 1st year bsc maths results of university of calicut be published?

please give me the results please give me the results

When will the results for 1st year bsc maths results of university of kerala be published?

this month

When will be repco bank results are announced?

Results are already published...Plz go to their site

When is GCSE results day in 2012?

The GCSE results were published on August 23, 2012.

Whether First year 2008 b com results mg university kerala published?

the results are ready to be published , but will reach the colleges after X'mas - Hussain

When will CBSE aissce 2012 results be published?

Hi I am Sagar. I think CBSE- Class X(2012) results would be published on 25-1-2012

When the sslc examination march 2009 results will be published?

It was published on the second week of may 2009.

When will the results of Anna university trichy second semester will be published?

i thing it will be published before august

Why are results published in journals provide the most reliable information about new discoveries?

Most of the time, results that are published in professional journals are peer reviewed prior to being published. So, the methods, and results are scrutinzed by other professionals, making the results hopefully more reliable than others that may just appear someplace.

When will the results of class 10 will be published?

25th may

When will the results of TyBcom 2009 be published?

The TyBcom results for 2009 will be announced on June 20. On the Internet they will be published on June 19. See the Related Link for the TyBcom website.

When is kerala plus two result published?

Plus Two Results of Kerala will be published on 13 may