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Astronomically SpeakingThe Earth will end in roughly 4.5 billion years when our Sun expands into a red giant. This process occurs when the hydrogen core of the star is used up, causing the outer layers to expand to more than 100 times the original size. Depending on the Earth's orbital position (which will also change during this expansion), it will either be slowly vaporized by the Sun or pulled into it.

This is the only known (inevitable) end to the world. It is possible that Earth will meet a sooner fate from another cause, but no other theories have been confirmed as of yet.

The World According to the Modesto Bee

The world will never end. The Modesto Bee came out with an article and they said nothing is going to happen, like a polar shift, in less than hundred of millions of years.

Just keep praying and go to EWTN because it helps. Stick with God and you'll be fine.

While We are WaitingThis world will definitely end, regardless of personal beliefs and ideologies. It doesn't matter if it is when Science says the earth will be destroyed some 4 to 5 billion years in the future (based on extrapolated radioactive-decay estimates); or if it is in the Millennium after the return of Jesus Christ. The fate of the planetary bodies is of less importance than the fate of the population on the earth. Well before the planets have been swallowed up in a vast fireball, all people would have well-and-truly died anyway.

According to Science textbooks, then the Earth will be barren and lifeless for aeons (like the Moon) before its rock disintegrates.

On the other hand, according to the Global-warmingargument (eg compounded irreversible pressures such as climate change and overpopulation will lead to the lack of food, water, and resources and ultimately to mass starvation), the world will be in such dire straits that (if nothing is done globally now) by 2050 everybody will die.

It doesn't matter if you believe it is after the Millennium, because by that stage everyone will have died and be spiritual beings, spending eternity either in heaven or hell.

Either way, the actual length of time is really immaterial: the answer to the Question is not when this world dies, but when you yourself die. Anyone could die anytime by being run over by a bus, or hit on the head by an asteroid, or whatever. Physical death is irrelevant because everybody is guaranteed to die sooner or later. The important thing is to decide now where you want to spend eternity: do nothing and spend it in hell, or accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and spend it in heaven. (It's an O'Brien really.)


The world will never end. God created this world to let us live a peaceful life and carry on, not to live for a million years and then die!

But we have a choice to make. Shall we stop doing bad things to cause pollution and global warming? Or shall we stop doing bad things to the world, to carry on living?

The world will carry on for centuries and centuries. The world will never end. Don't be scared or anything, because all these guesses and predictions made by different people that the world will end in 2012, or maybe other years, won't turn out the way they expect. Just believe in God. The important thing is to just carry on peacefully in life, and believe in God. Its that simple!

The World Will be Here for Quite Awhile Longer

Do not expect the world to end anytime soon. With all the problems facing the world, worrying about its ultimate fate is not nearly as important as helping to eliminate these problems, which include both local and global ones. These are the only things over which we can exert any control at all.


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Q: When will the world end or will it?
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