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There's one planned for after Wrestlemania 21 but its been mentioned that it may be delayed until the summer, lets hope not. Look for Batista and John Cena to swap shows with their newly won championships. there will be one in may an 11 man trade in June but no belts will change shows in the trade they will have one probaly in august but dont have a hissy fit if they dont they r probally going 2 have a draft lottery every year Yeah, probably each year. A few months ago the Draft Lottery took place and several people were exchanged. A couple of weeks ago Christy Hemme and Torrie Wilson were traded to SM! in exchange for Candice Michelle who went to RAW. The reason being that Candice Michelle was too "sexy" for UPN to handle. I doubt that is the real reason but that's how they presented the situation. As far as I know, the Draft Lottery will take place every year. Mr. Hounderz NO. EVERY DRAFT TAKES PLACE EVERY FEW YEARS. last answer is wrong they had a draft in 2004 and 2005 and most likely to be in 2006 yes when the undertaker comes back from his break he should go to raw because him and hhh dont get along

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Q: When will there be another WWE trade?
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