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When will your pregnant stomach start to grow?

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First off it is not your stomach per say that grows, it is your uterus. The uterus sits deep in the pelvis and usually fits in there until month 4 when it flips up over your symphysis pubis in need of more room. Every woman is going to be different though with our various body shapes and will be different with each pregnancy as the abdominal muscles change with each.

2011-08-31 05:38:08
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Q: When will your pregnant stomach start to grow?
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What will a hamster look like when she is pregnant?

the hamsters stomach will get really hard, it will start to grow, and will try to find extra bedding for its new babies

When will my stomach start to grow?

Ususally at about 5 months

What if you get hit in your stomach and you are pregnant and you start bleeding?

You get to your physician immediately.

Do you get a tiny stomach at 2 and a half weeks pregnant?

When pregnant and ting you will start showing soon. You will gain weight when pregnant.

How many months of pregnancy will stomach start to grow?


Does your stomach grow when your 2 weeks pregnant?

The foetus is only a few mm large at two weeks. So there is no way your stomach grows that fast because of pregnancy. It might be that you are more hungry then before and that makes your stomach grow :-)))

When does a pregnant woman's stomach start to bulge?

Around 15-16 weeks

How big will one's stomach grow when 9 weeks pregnant?

Every pregnancy is different. Therefore, the size of a womens' belly while pregnant differs, by pregnancy and by women. Around nine weeks, some women might start showing.

What if you feel movement in your female guinea pigs stomach?

If you feel movement in the guinea pigs lower belly, then she is pregnant. Babies grow in the uterus and not the stomach.

When you first get pregnant where does your stomach get hard?

Do you mean when do you first start showing that your pregnant? Because your stomach does not get hard until you can visibly see that you are carrying a baby which is usually around 4 months.

When do you start showing a stomach when you are pregnant?

At about 3 to 4 months, very slightly usually

When does your belly start growing when your pregnant?

Because the baby inside of you is growing. What you eat goes to your baby. The stomach acts much like a balloon if you blow air into it. If it didn't the baby wouldn't have anywhere to grow and babys also move while inside the stomach.

How soon you know you are pregnant?

well to know that you are pregnant you start to feel sick every morning and have stomach cramps if you do have a test, if you are congratulations

Why does a pregnant woman stomach growl?

i am 5months pregnant lady. i am look at no pregnant or not stomach. what is the reason

When do you start to show your pregnant?

About 3 months in your stomach will get bigger it will be unmissable on the 5-9th month

But how soon can you start noticing you pregnant?

When you dont get ur period & when ur stomach is getting bigger !

How will i know if i am 2 weeks pregnant?

You will start to feel pains in your stomach if you dont start feeling pains you should go to a specialist.

If you are really skinny and pregnant how soon will your stomach start to get hard?

I was 82 pounds before I got pregnant and my stomach didn't get hard until I was 16 weeks or so and it wasn't that hard just harder then before.

Can sucking in your stomach while pregnant be harmful?

Can sucking in your stomach while pregnant be harmful?

When pregnant when does your stomach get hard?

When you start to show!! it wont be jiggly eather!! it starts to feel like muscile!!!!

Are you pregnant if you're having sharp side and stomach pains and burning breasts?

this would be hard to say if you are pregnant or due to start your period. as these are often signs of both. however if you are pregnant the stomach pains should not cause you to much discomfort and you should contact your doctor.

Could you still be pregnant if you had a three-day period but your stomach is bigger you have gained weight and you are constantly nauseous and have headaches?

It takes quite a while for the stomach to grow when you are pregnant. You could have the flu. If you think you could be pregnant, the only way to confirm it one way or the other is to take a HPT.

When will you start to feel your cervix growing when pregnant?

Your cervix does not grow during pregnancy but the uterus does.

What happens to a woman's body if she is pregnant?

Her stomach will grow due to the baby inside of her belly, and her boobs may feel bigger as well.

Does the stomach grow?

Yes, the stomach does grow. If the stomach did not grow, you would eat less and less because you would get fuller quicker. Plus if your stomach did not grow, you would eventually starve to death. Samantrha Booth Age:11