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The socket type of the motherboard and the CPU must match. So if you are going with a Socket 478 CPU, for example, you need to buy a Socket 478 motherboard. Some online stores allow you to buy the two as a bundle usually at a price savings too. The mobo and CPU will be matched up so you can't make a mistake (besides socket type there are other factors such as the front side bus speed and such). One place that has this feature is under Catalog-->Motherboards-->Bundles. I'm sure other sites have this feature too.

In addition, everything else must match too. You have to have the same memory and peripheral cards that the motherboard uses. You cannot use laptop memory on a desktop, nor use the wrong generation of memory, such as using DDR2 memory in a DDR3 socket. Nor can you use an AGP or a legacy PCI card in a PCI Express (PCI-E) socket. You can use shorter PCI-E cards in a longer socket, but generally not the other way around.

Also, you must have a power supply that matches all the power cords that you will need inside the computer. It must have what each drive needs, as well as what your video card may need. It must have the correct ATX connectors to plug into the motherboard. The additional ATX cable is an exception since you can sometimes plug an 8-pin variation of it onto a 4-pin socket if the board has room. The other way around might work, but is not advised. Yes, the wires are often all redundant, but, having less of them may make them warmer or provide power to less of the motherboard.

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What were the steps to building a computer?

order parts, asemble,install

Where can one learn about the different parts of a computer?

The easiest way to learn about the different parts of a computer is by taking a rudimentary computer class. Alternatively, one could check a computer book out of the library.

What are the parts of a computer front panel?

The front panel generally consists of drive bays (for optical drives DVD, Bluray etc) power switches, usb sockets, headphone and microphone sockets, and sometimes a card reader.

Different parts of computer and meaning?


What are the advantages of building your own computer?

Building a computer actually costs less than buying premade ones. You can choose which parts you want on your computer. You essentially are given more power of choice. Just make sure that your parts are compatible with one another.

How do you build a modular building?

By constructing different parts separately and then uniting them to create a wholesome building

What is bit in parts of the computer?

A bit is not a component of a PC, it is the building block of electronic programs.

What products do I need to build my computer from scratch?

Building a computer from scratch is not a simple task. Having the parts will not guarantee success. The person must also have knowledge of schematics, wiring and hardware. Any computer store which sells the parts needed should be able to provide guidance and support in building a computer from scratch.

Computer devices that are not integral to the computer are called?

there are many different parts to a computer such as screws and plastic

Im a complete noob when it comes to computer parts and im thinkin about gettin or building a gaming computer can someone please give you a list of parts and approximate prices please? it shows current prices of computer parts. i suggest you Google a guide on building a computer before doing so. what are you planning to use your computer for? if u are planning on building a gaming PC i would suggest you to focus on the mother board and get dual pci-e slots. if your planning on building a media PC for downloading movies or music i would go for a large hardrive really depends....

How does a CPU send instructions to different parts of the computer?

No one

How does CPU send instructions to the different parts of the computer?

Its become

What are different parts of hardware components in computer?

well..... there are microchips....

What is the place where all the different parts of the computer are connected?

my mom

What is involved with computer architecture?

Computer architecture is part of computer science and it involves detailing how the different parts of a computer work together. For example one would determine how the CPU interacts with other parts of the computer.

Where can one find access computer parts?

Computer parts are available at many different places. Stores such as NCIX and Canada Computers specialize in computer components and provide the necessary information for consumer to buy parts separately to build a custom computer. Additionally computer parts may be purchase online for delivery.

Who makes Apple computer parts?

Many different manufactures make the different parts that make up any Apple computer. Intel makes the processor. Nvidia makes the video processor.

What computer buses carries information between the CPU ant the other parts of the computer?

All of them, but different buses carry different information.

How do you make compilation of the different parts of computer?

by executing part by part.

Can European appliances work in the UK?

Yes they can. You just need an adapter to plug them in as the electrical plug sockets are different in the UK than in other parts of Europe.

What are the differences between computer engineering and computer science?

Manufacture of different parts of the computer and its assembly is computer engineering and application and operation of computer comes under computer science.

Why would you consider building your own computer?

I would never buy a "big box" store brand computer from a major name brand company. Building a computer will give you many advantages, one being that the parts you buy will be of much better quality than you get from one of the major companies and the computer you build will be much easier to upgrade. Many name brand computers have proprietary parts which are much more expensive to replace or fix because they are specially made for that brand. Fixing or replacing parts on a computer you build will allow you more choices and cheaper repairs. Don't forget the great feeling you will get from building your own computer :)

Where could one learn what the parts of a computer are?

One could learn what the different parts of a computer are by taking a class in computer science. These classes are offered at many universities including local community colleges.

What are the different internal parts of a computer?

Some parts included in a computer include: sound card, processor and Ethernet card. Damage to any of these components will affect your computer's performance.

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what are the external parts of a computer?