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Yes you use quotation marks except in block quotes (40 or more words). If you have theAPA Manual, 5th edition, it is on page 117 or see the related link.

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Q: When you are citing a directly quoted word for word source in a paper using the APA format do you use quotation marks?
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When you are citing a directly quoted word-for-word source in a paper do you use quotation marks?

Yes. You also indent the entire quotation as a paragraphic entry and super script the footnote number. It is just nicer looking and will help the reader to find the reference.

What symbol tells you when something is quoted?

Quotation marks are used to inform you of a quotation.

When citing the page number into an essay do you put the period inside the citation?

When writing (in British English), quotations are shown within pairs of quotation marks, i.e. "double" or 'single' inverted commas . This is the correct form for 'direct speech' being quoted, whether the speech/extract being quoted is referring to something previously spoken or written.If the quotation itself ends with a period, and the quotation is the last clause in the sentence, then the final period can be included, as someone once said, "...inside the quotation marks."In this way the sentence is ended, with no need of a further period.When page numbers are cited, unless these are part of a quotation, then quotation marks are not included.

Do you use three quotation marks for mla format?

The only time you use 3 quotations marks is if your quoting someone who quoted someone else. Then you set it up "' quote '".

What is CITES?

if your talking about citing for a school class, it is when you quote a sentence or passage froma website, and you put that sentence in quotation marks, then put the author of the article's last name and the page number

Why don't we put quotation marks in dialogues?

You do always use quotation marks in written dialog. Also each person quoted should be in his own paragraph.

How do you cite a quoted question?

The question (including the question mark) should be placed in quotation marks.

What book is this quoted from Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be?

This is an incorrect quotation from Kurt Vonnegut's Mother Night. The actual quotation reads: "We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be."

Is the first word in a direct quotation capitalized?

It should be capitalized if a full sentence is quoted. Otherwise, it should be lowercase.

What is immediate context?

As far as I have understood, "immediate context" is a context which is being reiterated directly from the source and with no medium in between, and therefore must be quoted rather than put exactly in the same form but without quotation (plagiarism). Hope it helps.

Do statistics need quotation marks in expository essays?

No, but the source(s) for all statistics quoted or used must be given.

Is the term Stolen Generation underlined or quoted?

No. The term Stolen Generation is neither underlined nor placed in quotation marks.

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