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Q: When you are due a mobile phone upgrade can you keep your old phone?
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Can you switch your phone out for a new one on a contract?

It depends whAt company you have and if you are due for am upgrade

what country did the term mobile phone come from?

Probably the UK - since that's our 'standard' name. The americans call it a cell-phone (due to the way the mobile network transfers a call between adjacent towers to keep the call connected.)

What do i do if i want to get a new phone but my 2 year contract isn't over yet?

This depends from carrier to carrier, but if you are due for an upgrade, or have an upgrade on any of your lines, you can order a new phone and activate it on any line you choose for the discount price. If you are not available for an upgrade, you will want to order the new phone as a new line to get the dicount price, or upgrade early at the full retail price.

Where can you upgrade your phone?

You can upgrade at your local carriers store but you can also upgrade on the internet. Most of the time Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Nextel have much higher prices in their stores for phones due to all the overhead carried with the store. Your best bet is to upgrade on the internet and save $200 especially if you're purchasing a smartphone like a Blackberry or Droid. If you're interested you can check out our site at We're an affiliate for the major carriers and offer mostly free phones if you open a new account or have an eligible upgrade.

Can you upgrade your phone?

The answer to this question depends heavily on the type, make and model of your phone. If you are referring to mobile smartphones, such as the iPhone or HTC Droid, then the answer is probably 'no'. Due to their design, devices like this are difficult to repair and cannot be "upgraded". On some devices, you can add storage via a Micro-SD flash memory card, but that's about it.

Can you use a tmobile phone on ntelos?

You would not be able to use a T-Mobile phone through nTelos due to T-Mobile runs on a GSM based tower system and nTelos uses CDMA

Should I consider a cell phone holster to help me keep tabs on my mobile phone?

A cell phone holder provides a great place for on-the-body storage of your phone. However, it does have its cons. For one, since the phone is constantly in the area of your waist/hips you may be more likely to damage the screen due to the nature of bumping into things. You may want to just use your pockets!

What causes pain in pinna?

it may be due to long calls on a mobile phone that produces powerful be careful..

How is the service of Orange Mobile phone?

The Orange Mobile phone has not yet been used long enough to really speak on service. However, due to the heavy testing, it should do well, as it allows for people to pay for certain things from the convenience of their phones.

I am on Verizon Wireless and I'm due to upgrade my cell phone. Debating between the Motorola Droid and Palm Pre. Which performs better and has more apps available?


Effects of mobile phones in body of teenage girls and women?

due to mobile phone girl become blackmail from the bad man as well as girl do love marriage women also do misuse

Is this saying correct in English This mail was composed and sent via mobile phone Due to the inconvenience of the input please forgive me for the simplicity of the message contents?

Yes, the note is correct as written but any explanation beyond "This mail was composed and sent via mobile phone" may not be necessary due to the general understanding that inputting any message via mobile is rather inconvenient and is probably written in "shorthand".

Is there an update for the Android Gingerbread uqld4 operating system?

It varies from phone to phone. Some are upgradable all the way to Jelly Bean (Android 4.2.2 OS), while other phones are past their upgrade cycle and won't be getting any upgrades beyond Gingerbread. In your phone's settings, you can check to see if there's an upgrade available. Or, you can check with your carrier or the phone manufacturer if it's due for an update. Incidentally, "uqld4" is a build for your particular phone.

What is depreciation rate on mobile phones as per companies act?

The depreciation rate on mobile phones as per companies act is explained very simply. As soon as a person purchases a phone and uses it for the period of one month that phone has lost at the least half of its value. This is due to the constant surge ahead made by developers of mobile phones.

I have to switch off my mobile to receive sms. is this a phone defect or network defect?

in my opinion the messages forms a queue and due to phone receiving problem they cant enter.then to make it refresh we have to refresh it.

How long after is a t-mobile phone cut off if a payment is missed?

My phone bill was due on the 12th, and didn't get off until the 1st of the next month, so about 2/3 weeks!

What mobile phone does Queen Elizabeth have?

queen elizabeth the second most likely doesn't have a phone as there would be no real need due to the fact that she is surrounded very closely by guards so there is absolutely no need!

Are you allowed mobile phone in hand when driving in UK?

It is illegal to operate a mobile phone when driving or in charge of a vehicle. If you are not operating the phone, simply holding it, you can still be charged with driving without due care and attention as your hands should be on the wheel at all times unless you are changing gear, turning on lights/signals or performing approved hand signals.

Is mobile phone number and cell number the same?

Yes. The americans call it a cell due to the way the masts cover a small overlapping area (or cell).

Advantage of mobile phone?

The advantage to having a mobile phone is the ability to communicate via voice, Internet, or text while engaging in travel or being away from a landline or computer. Mobile phones are used for business due to the convenience of continuous communication without the restraints of past wired devices. Mobile phones increase productivity within the business sector and in the residential sector help households stay in touch while not at home.

Did T Mobile discontinue their home phone services?

Yes, T-Mobil did discontinue their home phone services due to lack of interest. As of now, they will no longer provide the service. AT & T does continue their home service though.

Where can one get a mobile phone contract even with a bad credit record?

Using a "pay as you go" cellphone requires no credit check. It is not a traditional contract but they help when one is not able to get a phone due to monthly money issues.

What part of a mobile phone causes radiation?

The transmitter circuit produces the radiation, which exits the phone primarily through the antenna. Due to some major concerns about constant exposure to the radiation from mobile phones -- which can and does approach two watts under some conditions -- many newer phones have the antenna at the bottom of the phone, rather than above the earpiece as in older phones.

Can phones get viruses?

In theory yes, but it would be difficult to design and distribute a virus for a mobile given that there are so many different kinds of phone systems. The chance of mobile infection is slim due to the sheer lack of viruses that have been deployed.

What do mobile electrons due in metals?

mobile electron is responsible for metallic bonding in metals