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Yes it can, if you do not ovulate, you might not have a period that month.

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I spotted the first three days of my period and then it was heavy the next two days how do you know if ovulated This was my first time off the pill in 12 years and I am 31.?

You will only know if you ovulated by purchasing a ovulation predictor test from your Pharmacist. Your period is not caused by ovulation but by the reduction in the amount of BCP in your system.

If your period is late will your next ovulation be late?

not necessarily. chances are, your period was late because you ovulated late during that cycle. if your cycles are not regular, you might want to start using ovulation predictor kits and charting/temping.

You missed your period for a week now could you be pregnant?

That depends if you know how to read your ovulation. The period can only come after ovulation. If you have no idea whether you ovulated or not, then there is no guarantee of anything. If you ovulated and you´ve had sex around the time of ovulation, you´re likely pregnant. If you haven´t ovulated, there is no way you are pregnant, no matter if you had sex, or not. And, of course, if you are late, and you haven´t had sex, then you likely haven´t ovulated for some reason. Maybe you´ve been under stress, or you´ve been sick... many reasons can occur that make the body pause out on the menstrual cycle.

Could you still be fertile the month you're experiencing ovulation bleeding?

Yes you can. Ovulation bleeding occurs when the corpus luteum (the follicle that the egg grows in) ruptures to release the egg. So its a pretty good sign that you have ovulated and were fertile that month.

How do you know when you have ovulated?

Unless you use fertility awareness method or ovulation testing kits then you can't tell when you have ovulated or not. You will be able to detect fertility signs such as changes to your cervix during ovulation, fertile cervical mucus, and secondary fertility signs such as breast tenderness or ovulation bleeding - but these do not tell you exactly when or if you ovulated.

What is the reason for menstrual bleeding after you have already obligated?


When does ovulation occur after a menstrual cycle?

"Normally" 14 days later, but "normal" is different for every woman. Some women can tell that they have ovulated by changes in their discharge (often it is a clear elasticy fluid).

Can you become pregnant without ovulation?

No, there has to be an egg ovulated for the sperm to fertilize.

Can a girl get pregnant if you are not ovulating?

Yes. It is possible to get pregnancy, even if you have never ovulated. You have not ovulated in past is not a proof that you will not ovulate this time. The test of ovulation or the method by you do the ovulation is by no means foolproof. You may get the ovulation one day after the sexual intercourse. The sperms are still capable of giving you pregnancy.

When dos you conceive if your due is June6?

If you are due June 6th, you must have ovulated on or near September 12th. Your due date given to you is 38 weeks from the day of ovulation and 40 weeks from the day of your last menstrual period.

Why does my temperature drop after ovulation?

If your temperature drops after ovulation it means estrogen is still present. That might mean that you haven't actually ovulated yet.

If I haven't ovulated yet this month and the ovulation kit comes up negative and the ovulation calendars say I should have already ovulated and I am having back pain and nausea Could I be pregnant?

Yes yes u should be. Good luck

What is ovulation when does it happens?

Ovulation is the release of a mature egg from an ovary. It occurs at about the 14th day of a woman's menstrual cycle. The first day of your period is day "one". Every woman is different, so ovulation may not occur exactly when the "average" says to expect it. You can look for signs of ovulation like a "twinge" or short, sharp pain over the ovary that ovulated. A good sign is the presence of clear, stringy discharge.

If you are 2 days past ovulation why is your temperature not rising or is this normal?

I wouldn't rely on a increase in temperature as being a indication of Ovulation or conception. Temperatures rise for a variety of reasons, especially during the evening & are not a good idea when trying to conceive in my opinion. Yes this is normal for your temperature not to rise. Sometimes it may rise & other times it will not. Don't worry. Purchase a ovulation predictor kit & this will be a much easier way of determing if you've Ovulated or not.

How do you know you ovulated menstrual cycles are irregular?

You may have a slight fever on that day of the egg.

If you have mid cycle spotting because of ovulation does that mean You start ovulation as soon as you begin spotting or when?

Spotting during ovulation is common in most women. The only way to tell if your ovulating is by doing a ovulation predictor kit/test which you can buy from the pharmacist or off Ebay. This will tell you if your ovulating. To expand: The Ovulation Predictor Kits can be a good way to tell if you are GOING to ovulate, but during/after you've ovulated they are no good. The only way to confirm you HAVE ovulated is to make a chart of your Basal Body Temperatures (you take your temp VERY first thing at the same time every morning before you do ANYTHING else, even go pee) or to go to a gynecologist and have them perform an ultrasound to see if you've released any eggs. It IS common to spot a little during/right before ovulation, but heavy bleeding could signify something serious. If you're spotting you're either just about to ovulate, or currently ovulating.(It's about a 12-24 hour window for most women.)

Do women without cycles still ovulate if so is it monthly?

No. If you are not ovulating, you will not experience a period. A period only occurs after you have ovulated and the egg was not fertilised. Hello. This is difficult to say. Some women with very irregular cycles ovulate every month while others ovulate spontaneously. The only way to tell if you are ovulating is by having a ovulation blood test at your doctors and by buying ovulation predictor kits.

If you ovulated on 100408 could you have conceived on 100908?

No, you cannot get pregnant five days after ovulation. In order to get pregnant, you must have intercourse before or the day of ovulation. But keep in mind, it is hard to pinpoint the exact day of ovulation.

How long after fertilization can you expect to be pregnant before your period?

The average women ovulated on cycle day 14 (please note that you can ovulate earlier or later..use Ovulation Predictor Kits) It takes 7-10 for implantation to occur and several days after that for "signs" to occur. There has to be enough HCG in the body for this to occur

You get a period and not ovulate?

yes it is possible. Your periods are a cleansing. Ovulation is different. Please talk to your gyn. I never ovulated.

What do period like pains mean a few days after ovulation?

Hello, Lower abdominal cramping or mild pains is very common prior to & after ovulation. This is basically because you've ovulated.

What is the ovulation date if the baby is due November 13 2010?

You likely ovulated somewhere around February 10, 2010.

Do a discharged egg with blood means that I am pregnant?

What exactly do you mean? If you mean that you know you ovulated and AT THE TIME of ovulation, you had some blood, it's normal, and not a sign of pregnancy. If you meant a week or later after you know you ovulated, you may be pregnant.

Can you ovulate with no symptoms?

Many women have trouble knowing they have ovulated. The fertile mucus can be so thin that it is missed, and no ovulation pains are felt.

Could you be pregnant if you are trying to conceive and you had light pink spotting and cramping on your ovulation days?

If you know for sure you ovulated because of BBT Temp Chart then, if was just ovulation pain and this has no indication of whether or not you have conceived.