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what i mean is, have those symptoms before and during period, but not all the time.

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Symptoms of a pregnant women?

Typically your first symptom is missing your period. Sore breasts, bloating, nausea show up later.

Bloating and sore breasts means what?

You are pregnant more then likely

What is the difference between pregnancy and period symptoms?

Everyone is different. Women who have bloating, tender breasts, will find that they go on for longer than usual and the period will not arrive. Other women will have no symptoms of either. I used to have no pre-menstrual symptoms at all then when I became pregnant and my period was a day late my breasts became very sore and hard.

What are pregnancy symptoms if you are over 40?

The first symptom is a missed period. Then sore breasts, bloating, and nausea.

Can you be pregnant if you are 6 days after ovulation and you have all sorts of odorless cervical mucus egg white and creamy stretchy and tons of it sore breasts and metallic taste in mouth?

Yes - you could be pregnant. Unfortunately it is too soon to know for sure - as these symptoms could be something else. My first symptoms were sore breasts and bloating - and this started about 10 days after ovulation.

Are you pregnant if experiencing pregnancy symptoms like headache heartburn tingling of the breasts fluttering in the abdomen bloating belching dizziness tiredness back pain discharge spotting emotion?

probs yes

What if you don't have a period how else can you get the symptoms of being pregnant?

My first symptoms were sore breasts.

Could you be pregnant if you have bloating and burning in your stomach along with itchy breasts and fatigue?

Yes you could be pregnant. See your Doctor for a blood test.

You have sore breasts lower abdominal cramping and gas but you havent missed your period could you be pregnant?

Honestly if you have had sex anything is possible but pregnancy symptoms can be like your period bloating,cramping,breasts being sore. i suggest you wait and see what happens if you have more symptoms or miss your period or have an abnormal one and still think that you might be pregnant get a test and see it never hurts to get a test.

Ten weeks late three neg tests bloating sore breasts tired am I pregnant?

You could be pregnant. You should go to the Doctor and receive a pregnant test.

Do tender breasts mean i am pregnant?

Not necessarily. You can have tender breasts as part of PMS symptoms or for other reasons.

You and your boyfriend have had protected sex but you have major bloating and tender breasts your period should be coming soon but scared you might be pregnant what do you think?

It is probably just the symptoms you get before a period. If your period doesn't come, take a test

What are symptoms of being perimenopausal?

Some of the symptoms pf perimenopause are: irregular menstrual periods, bloating, mood swings, hot flashes, sore breasts, and and erratic sleep patterns.

What are the symptoms of a pregnancy?

Pregnant women usually will first realize they are pregnant when they miss their period. Other symptoms include tenderness in the breasts and morning sickness.

If my breasts do not hurt but i have other pregnancy symptoms could i still be pregnant?


Symptoms when pregnant?

Missed Period Headaches Tender Breasts Nausea Lower Backaches

What are the symptoms that your first period is going to start?

the symptoms are -brown gunky discharge -cramps -tender breasts -mood swings -bloating/feeling bloated -pubes and armpit hair hope i helped

Could you be pregnant if you have most all of the symptoms but don't have tender breasts?

Well, the symptoms could happen anyway (especially if you fear you are pregnant), but take a pregnancy test to be sure.

Can you be pregnant and not have sore breasts?

Yes, all women have different symptoms. Some women even have different symptoms with each pregnancy.

Is it natural to be 5 weeks pregnant and not have sore breasts but have all the other symptoms?

yes retard

If you have nausea and are constantly tired but do not have sore breasts could you still be pregnant?

yes,you still COULD be pregnant. Not every woman has the same symptoms but nausea and tiredness are most definitely symptoms.

Can you be pregnant if your breasts aren't sore?

Yes. Typically symptoms may not show until 8 wks or later. Some women get no symptoms.

Can coming off the pill make you have symptoms similar to being pregnant such as sore breasts and bloating?

Yes.It is common for this to happen after stopping birth control. The change in hormones causes this to happen. Eventually your hormones will become balanced again and your period will be regular and these symptoms will subside. If you are having difficulty regulating your body's hormones, speak with your doctor.

If one is experiencing pre-menstrual symptoms such as tender breasts and cramping could they be pregnant?


How can you tell if your pregnant when your overweight?

Missing periods, nausea and tender breasts are a few early symptoms of pregnancy.

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