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Yes. It is! Which senses and how heightened those senses vary from person to person. When the female body now has a helpless offspring to protect, motherly insticts go into hyperdrive, alerted to possible threats (bad smells could equal sickness or death, bad taste equals poisonous, etc.). It is not just threats that affect the pregnant woman. Many tastes and smells which a woamn may usually enjoy may be found unpleasant. I found coffee quite revolting. There is an actress in the UK who bought her co-star some aftershave, but when pregnant the smell made her nauseous.

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Q: When you are pregnant is it true that your senses are heightened?
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Cats don't have super senses but they do have heightened senses when compared with the senses possessed by other animals. Cats have heightened senses of smell, hearing, and vision.

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