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yes it would, because when the opponent attacked, it was his turn and the effect carries on until the end of the next turn which would then be your turn. For e.g, if your opponent activated the effect then the effect would end at the end of your end phase. If you activated the effect, then it would end at the end of your opponents end phase.

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Is ultimate tyranno forced to attack all opponents monsters?

Yes the ultimate tyranno must attack all the opponents monster considered legal targets. This will consume all the monsters attack power for that turn so the attack cannot be directed to the player's life in the same turn.

Does the soccer ball have to leave the goalie's box for the opponents to attack and score?

no it does not.

Will sand attack affect the result of a capture in fire red?

No sand attack only effects the opponents accuracy.

In duel masters do your opponents monsters have to be tapped in order to attack their shields?


What is nights third attack in sonic riders?

she spins the opponents and makes them dizzy

Does a goal count in ice hockey if it is shot from the opponents attack zone?

Yes it counts.

Why are blocks placed in trenches?

blocks are placed in trenches so as if the opponents attack they have to jump over and that would distract them so you people can attack them

When a monster triggers A Hero Emerges is the monsters attack negated or does the attack continue and attack the monster that is summoned?

When a potential attack target appears or disappears, a 'replay' is caused. The attacking monster may continue its attack, against a new target if it wishes. Or it may discontinue its attack and forfeit attacking for that turn.

In yugioh can you attack your opponents life points more than once if you have more cards on the field?


What is SWIFT MT?

It is a attack, looks like throwing sarts at the opponents pokemon, it deals psy damage

Why does Israel continue to attack the Gaza strip?

Self Defense

What was true about the presidential elction in 1952?

Eisenhower did not attack his opponents, leaving that job to his running mate, Richard Nixon

What does the move status do in Pokemon?

A status is saying you're using an attack that uses attack, defense, speed, sp. attack, or sp. defence stats or deals with burn, paralysis,sleep,poison, and confusion.( Not frozen because no attack can get your opponents Pokemon frozen if you have luck with an ice attack).

Can you use block attack on your opponents turn?

Block Attack is a Normal Spell Card. Normal Spell Cards can only be activated in your own turn, in main phase 1 or 2.

Does your opponent have to attack a monster you summon with A Hero Emerges?

No, not at all. When the defending player summons a monster after an attack has been declared, a 'replay' occurs. The attacking monster has to choose whether to continue its attack or discontinue it altogether and forfeit its attack that turn. If it continues the attack, it can be against a different target. If the monster was making a direct attack, and a stronger monster was summoned, then the attacker will most likely discontinue his attack. He can't continue as a direct attack, but is not forced to attack the newly summoned monster either.

Why did the Japanese not continue their attack onto the defenseless American mainland after their attack on Pearl Harbor?

They didnt have the men or equipment to invade

What is recieving in volleyball?

Recieving the ball is when your opponents team has the ball. Recieving is when you want to have a strong defense plan so you can get ball from the other team when they hit it over without them getting a point. Offense= when your team has the ball and you're setting up for an attack. Defense= when your opponents team has the ball and they're setting up for an attack

What is the best nature for bagon?

Well... I have a bagon with a Naughty nature. I chose it cause it raise sp. attack for the cost of spe. defense. but who cares? if i have high attack, i can kill my opponents fast lol.

Why did Mao use teens to attack his moderate opponents?

they were irresponsible and easy to manipulate. they were lured into his evil plan and saw him as a great person

Is that right that the reason why the teams do rushing plays is to get shorter of the 1st down marker?

No, teams do rushing plays to get their opponents on the counter attack.

How do you win chess?

To win chess, you must use a move called a 'Checkmate' on the opponents' king. It is where you are attacking the king, and there is no possible escape (blocking the attack, capturing the attacking piece, or moving the king out of an attack).

How do you beat the eleat 4 in Pokemon pearl?

Take high level Pokemon that know attacks, then attack opponents Pokemon and hope for the best :-)

How many years did Grendel continue to attack before Beowulf arrived?

12 years

Is there a card in yu gi oh that backfires an opponents attack?

There are many different cards with the ability to backfire an oppenents attack back at them. The one that I think is most popular, and Yugi's favorite, is the Mirror Force Trap Card.

How easy is it to wield a sword?

Depends what kind of sword you want to wield. Samurai should with the cut to the opponents cut in the same movement as the wielding. Sometimes the oponent could block the wilding and survive the attack. In rare ocations both opponents are killed at once.