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Change the brake rotors

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Q: When you brake the car starts to vibreat?
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When you brake on the pedal the car starts to shake why?

brake rotors out of round

What is the fourth pedal on a car called?

the emergency brake; no it is not the emergency brake it starts with a D as in ABCD, Acceleration, brake, clutch and D

What can cause a squeeking sound which starts once the car is warm but stops when turning and breaking?

It could be the brake "sqealers" telling you it is time to replace the brake pads. Have the brakes checked.

What brake heats the car up?

If you run your car with the emergency brake on it will heat the car up.

When was the car brake invented?

The very first car invented in 1885 had a crude brake.

What is the purpose of brake pads?

Main component of car brake system to stop your car.

Does pressing the brake in an automatic car disengage the gear mechanism For example what is the difference in engine strain if i press the brake in the car or if i let the brake go when uphill?

When you brake it does not take your car out of gear.

What is a roder on a car?

the roder is the part of the car that the brake pads or the brake shoes squeeze to make the car stop :)

Why will the car not stop when you hit the brakes?

Just hitting the brakes will not stop the car if the brakes are faulty. Pressing the brake pedal starts a process by which brake fluid disperses the force of your foot by increasing the surface area of the fluid being pushed. This increase in force is then transferred to "soft" pads that press against the moving wheels of the car. This friction is what stops the car. However, if the brake pads do not make contact with the wheels, the brake lines carrying he brake fluid are severed, the brake fluid is low or empty, or the connection between the brake pedal and the whole system is faulty, then the brakes will fail.

What does a squeaking sound that starts when the car is in motion and speeds up when the car accelerates mean?

Have your brake pads checked. If the squeaking sound stop when you apply the brakes it may be your brake pad wear indicators rubbing the rotors to warn you to have your brake pads replaced. If you ignore it damage will result when the rotors and metal brake pad backing or rivets rub after the brake pad linings are worn away.

What is a part of a car that starts with the letter b?

Battery, belts, blinker lights, brackets, brakes, brake lights and bumper are car parts. Bucket seats, Back seat, Brake booster, Brake pedal, Bulbs, Back-up lights, Bearings, Blower motor, Bezel, Back-up alarm,

Where are brake lines in a car?

Brake lines run from the master brake cylinder to each wheel, generally under the frame of the car.

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