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No. Digital recordings are like copying any other digital data. If you do not loose data you do not loose sound quality.

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What are the disadvantages of using cheap computer speakers?

One of the major disadvantages of using cheap computer speakers are overall sound quality. If the computers speakers are cheaply made, chances are the sound quality would be low. Another disadvantage would be that the overall all quality of the speakers themselves may be low.

How do we communicate using sound waves?

We communicate using sound waves by talking and listening to one another!

How can you tell which mp3 player has the best sound quality?

Sound quality in an MP3 player is mostly related to the quality or bit rate at which the MP3 was made.In general the MP3 is not recommended by audiophiles because it loses sound quality.Therefore no MP3 gives you really good sound quality except when using the highest quality MP3 music files.

What is the purpose of using sound card?

To transfer sound to another device from your cpu.

Will 6 ohm speakers sound quality be affected with using an 8 ohm sound system?

The 6 ohm speakers will sound fine with the 8 ohm amplifier.

How do you upgrade a computer's sound quality?

By installing a newer / better sound card, and purchasing higher quality speakers. Using MP3s and other formats with a higher sampling ratio will also improve the way it sounds.

How do you make a sound using a percussion instrument?

strike it with another object

Why does voice recorded with typical personal computer equipment sound so bad?

Sound Redorder, which comes with the computer, has very poor sound Quality. Try using a different program.

Can you convert sound energy into another form of energy?

By using a microphone, sound energy is changed to electrical energy.

How do boys get burnt sexually?

By not using condoms

What is the advantage of using sound to communicate?

We communicate using sound waves by talking and listening to one another. Sound is an excellent way to express emotions - the volume, pitch, speed, etc., all contribute to the ideas we are communicating.

What are the advantages of using bte hearing aids?

The advantages of using the bte hearing aids is that it is a quality instrument that has endured many years of research in increasing the user ability to hear sound and motion. Therefore, the major advantages of using the bte hearing aids is that the sound quality is enhanced and the listener in need of hearing aids can recognize sounds more easily and more clearly.

I am considering purchasing a Kicker 08ZX5001, how mush will I benefit using a crossover?

The crossover will provide some significant increase in sound quality.

Does the HTC wildfire have Skype?

It does, but the sound quality is terrible. The other person's sound is incredibly choppy and it's not really worth using. So yes, it has Skype - but no, it doersn't work properly.

How is oil turned into energy?

it is burnt using heat

Another word you can use instead of using provide?

I provide quality care through my education and experience.

What is another word for Quality?

One word for quality is attribute, however there are many others depending on how you're using the word. See related link below.

What is a sentence using the word burnt?

Whilst cooking the Sunday lunch I burnt my hand on the hot roasting tray.

Where can you find a piece of burnt meat in RuneScape?

Burnt meat can be obtained by using a piece of cooked meat on a fire or range.

Are there health concerns when using burnt lime?

i dont think so because it is just lime but its burnt so i think your safe

What is an antonym for temporary using the or sound?

An antonym for temporary using the "or" sound is immortal.

What is another word for good quality starting with the letter A?

Another word instead of using the word good you can try exellent it means the same as good but a stronger word.

When do you use the word the with a long e?

The article "the" is pronounced with a long E when it precedes another vowel sound, as in "the open door" (the) or "the animals" (thee). When it precedes a consonant sound, it has a schwa sound (thuh). Using (thuh) before a vowel sound has an artificial spoken sound.

Where do you find elli leaves on harvest moon ds cute?

You can make itUsing:Turbojolt XL + Bodigizer XL + burnt Frypan dish + burnt Pot dish + burnt Oven dish + burnt Mixer dish + burnt Steamer dish + burnt No Utensil dish no untensils recipes

How can one connect their PC to the TV?

An individual can connect their PC to a television by using a HDMI Cable. These cables are specifically designed to enhance sound and picture quality.