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A long time ago, I read an article that said scientists had weighed people at the moment of death and the body weighed a few grams lighter when the person died. They said, it might show that the spirit leaves the body.

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2008-08-18 17:59:22
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Q: When you die does your spirit leave with you?
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How do you allow your spirit to come out of your body?

In Biblical terms, the spirit (Hebrew: neshama נְשָׁמָה) is the breath. So, to allow your spirit to leave your body would be to allow the breath to leave your body (in other words, you die or get really close to dying). It's probably not a good idea to attempt this.

Can your energy come out of your body?

If you mean by energy as the spirit or the soul, then the answer is yes. A person may die and the spirit or soul will leave the body. If for some reason God feels that it was not you time to die the spirit may be returned to the body so that the person may complete their earth life.

Can a spirit die?

A spirit cannot die. Only living things can die. Only things that exist can die. A spirit neither exists nor does it live so, no, a spirit cannot die.

When you die does your spirit live on?

Yes your spirit lives on.

What is a hindering spirit?

one that wont leave immediately

Do you control your spirit?

Yes when your spirit is in your life now but when you die sadly you dont controll your spirit.

When you die does the holy spirit leave you?

No one can necessarily give you a logical answer to your question. but in my opinions, i dont think it ever leaves you, unless you go to hell of course.

When does your spirit enter and leave your body?

Your spirit Enters when you are Born & it leaves and wonders off when your asleep and before your about to wake up it returns. Also it leaves your body when you die. Reincarnation occurs. If you believe in Reincarnation I believe my Answer is Somewhat Correct.

How did spottedleafs spirit die?

Ive heard that Mapleshade killed her spirit.

What do you do with the arrows in the fire temple on spirit tracks?

Leave them alone

Where does the Spirit of Tasmania leave from?

The Spirit of Tasmania travels between Waterfront Place in the Port of Melbourne and Devonport in Tasmania.

Can someone die from a spirit?


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