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I am a girl and i think it depends on how comfortable you are with eachother...since im only 13 i would not want him to go under my bra, just my shirt... i mean the last time i got felt up was with my boyfriend and that was yesterday... he tried it under my bra but to be perfectly honest either or. again however comfortable you are with eachother.

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How do you feel someone up?

Slide your hand under their shirt ( perferablly when your making out) and slide your fingers under their bra and just feel them. Use your owb techniqe and make them feel in tge mood.

What does it mean if a girl plays with your tee shirt?

Nothing. She is just flirting with you.

What To Say To a girl when she say how you feel about her?

Just tell her how you feel about her.

What color jeans do you wear with a lime green shirt?

black or white depends on weather you are a boy or girl if your a boy dont were a lime shirt!!! if your a girl then were white or just denim jeans

What Do you whear under ice hockey gear?

Under Armor, a t shirt, or nothing. Just depends on preference.

How do you do in shirt?

You can do just about anything in a shirt. To sleep in a shirt you just put on the shirt and lay down.

What is the purpose of pink shirt day?

to express your feels, or you just feel like pink is AMAZING!

How does a girl feel if her vagenia is licked?

If you mean vagina, then it depends on how you lick. The girl might feel awkward if the licker is just slobbering, but if the licker knows what he/she's doing, the girl will feel amazing.

What should you do if you are a girl and you fancy another girl?

i no how u feel just tell her and if she reacts in a wired way just egnore her

Would you buy a T-shirt that had the words Black Girl on it?

no because that is just wrong and racist

How do you ask middle school girl out?

just tell her you feel

How do you know when you need a bra?

if your nipples show through your shirt If you feel uncomfortable or selfconcious in a tight shirt(without anything under it) Ifwhen you runn your boobs kinda ...jiggle... If you think you are ready for one PS, do not say i am a pervert, because you asked for the answers, and Im just telling ya the truth!

What is the best way to feel up a girl?

Start to take it slow there is nothing worse than a guy acting like he has to touch and grab every body part. So start with a slow kiss then gently move your hand to the place you want to feel the butt is usually safe to start with when you have tried and not gotten a slap try a breast over the shirt at first if that's ok with her then you can go in two ways just go for it under the shirt or be a gentleman and ask to go under the shirt chances are if this is new to you its probably new to her so be polite and consider her desires and always listen is she says "No, don't do that!" or tries to move your hand away, then stop even if she says it in a playful way.

What is the shirt Jeff hardy wore at the royal rumble?

the sirt was just a tight black shirt the sirt was just a tight black shirt the sirt was just a tight black shirt

You are a Capricorn girl how do you attract a Scorpio girl?

you should just tell her how you feel and dont feel like you cant do it.. I am a white girl and i date a hispanic girl and i would have never though it would happen like that.

What do NASCAR drivers where under their suits?

The drivers vary in what they wear under their uniforms. Most of them wear just a t-shirt and their underwear. Most just think this is not a question they should be asked.

How do you get the girl you love?

you just got to be straight up with her and tell her how you feel

How do you tell a girl how you feel?

Don't think about how you are feeling, and just say it.

Who is the girl in the music video Just feel better?

Nikki Reed

How can you get a girl to cuddle with you?

just go for it tell her how you feel and go with the flow

How do you tell a girl how you feel about her?

Just be your self and tell her. If she likes you she will tell you.

Why do parents feel a girl child as a burden?

not all do just some

What does it feel like to be punched on the cheekbone just under the eye?

it hurts on the cheekbone under the eye.

Why can't you feel an earthquake?

you can feel some of them just the ones that you cant feel is because they are very small and far under the earth.

How do you get with a girl that likes you as a friend?

Just tell her how you feel, coming from a girl whos had this happen, just tell her how you feel and see wat she says, i bet you shell say yes to go out with you girls like courage

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