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The main drain is plugged. You may need to remove the toilet and snake directly down the drain.

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The stuff you flush down the toilet!

Stuff you do flush: poo,pee or (ect.) Stuff you shouldn't flush:dont flush matches because it does serious damage,nothing hard either! WAIT! WHY DO YOU EVEN WANT TO KNOW ?!?

Sit on a toilet do your stuff and then, FLUSH TROLOLOLOL U MAD BRO?

One flush uses less water. It saves water when you just want to flush down 'number 1', the yellow stuff. If you want to flush 'number 2', then you use the stronger flush (or what would be the usual flush in North America). Basically, it's ecological.

When you're done, flush, Then wipe and flush again. Dont use as much toilet paper. Also hold the handle down so the water keeps running till all the stuff is gone. This turns your "low flow" into a temporary "high flow."

If your plunger is left in the bowl. :) Since I've been snaking out toilets for many years I come to the conclusion that when a toilet doesn't flush right, the reason is like lightening and it never strikes the same reason twice. So your problem of your toilet not flushing smooth can be a million different problems but 90% of those problems are in the toilet bowl trap. If you plunge and snake the toilet and it still wont flush right then pull the toilet and look at the drain and if its clear then your problem is still the toilet which since china makes stuff so cheap , its almost cheaper to buy a new toilet then to buy the repair kit for your old one, in fact to have me repair your toilet and to have me install a new toilet with buying the toilet would be about the same price so almost everyone gets a new toilet and we live happily ever after.

hot stuff rises, cool stuff sinks

Well, lots of stuff actually, since he died in 1616. Things like internal combustion engines and paved roads and aircraft and electronics and radio communication and refrigeration and the flush toilet.

Not if it's just plain toilet water, no. If there's stuff in it, yes. If not, no.

At GNC ther is a system flush

u shoot stuff out of both of them

go in the bathroom then go in the bathtub turn on the water go to the other side of the bathtub then jump out of the tub jump on the toilet flush the pink thing that you copied on the computer

Without you going to the toilet, you will end up getting your cloths wet and the street would be full nasty stuff.

It's a slimy kind of fungus or mold. You kill it with bleach, and a good flush! Don't mix bleach with any other cleaning products (outside the laundry soap) or you may create toxic fumes that create instant chemical pneumonia! In the toilet however, you will need a scrub brush if it's all the way to pink.

no cos if there was it would not melt when the temperature rises

it encourages your body to flush out the bad stuff

Because they are mean. Because they want to steal stuff.

Bath, toilet, sink, shower, mirror, toothbrush, shaver ?

stuff it down your pants and put toilet paper in your mouth

it helps not to get stuff on your hand and to make it more thick and pretty

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it clogs up the filtrations sytems and people have to stop the whole stuff take either a robot or a guy to go in and clean it out...ANS 2 - I've NEVER heard of that and I've lived in many countries - you are making that up or mistaking it .

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