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Strange question in poor taste. I would hope if someone assaulted me neither you nor anyone else would become aroused, but that is what you asked. Try taking the site a bit more seriously and having a bit more respect for its other users.

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Q: When you get punched in the stomach why do i get a hard on.?
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What happens if you get punched between the eyes?

You could die. If the attacker hits hard enough, that spot in your nose, called the "bridge", will break. The cartilage gets forced into the brain.

Did any punched goten and kid trunks in the motuh and stomach?

majin vegeta punched them in the stomach but not mouth.

Did goten get punched in the stomach in any dbz episdoe or movies if so then by who?

Goten did get Punched in the stomach by Kid Trunks when they were playing.

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In what episode does sonic get punched by shadow?

It's in the last episode of Sonic X or at least one of them is he punches him in the stomach real hard being shadow.

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Robert Delwin Saget!

Will someone punch me in the stomach?

You are likely to be punched in the stomach if you just had a large meal, such as Thanksgiving.

Did Marcus get punched in the stomach in Digimon Data Squad?


What does it mean when your stomach hurt?

Either you got punched in the stomach or your not feeling well.

Can you pop your cherry by getting punched in the lower stomach?

Haha Nope. (;

Did vegeta kneed gohan in the stomach garb him by hsi hair punched him in the mouth and stomach in dbz fireza saga?


Did kid turnks get punched in the mouth ro stomach in any dbz epsidoe or movies if so then by who?

Unfortunately he didn't get punched, but he did puch Goten when they were playing.