When you go to Kanto do your other Pokemon GO away?

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No they don't go away they stay in your party or P.C.
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How do you go to other regions in pokemon leafgreen?

\n. \n Getting to Other Regions in Pokemon Leaf Green \n. \nYou have to beat the elite four and have the national pokedex(have at least 60 pokemon). then go to celio on island one and talk to him. after that go to mt.ember and deafeat the two rocket guys. go through the door and walk around un ( Full Answer )

How do you go to other regions on Pokemon Sapphire?

It's impossible, my friend. In Pokemon Sapphire the Kanto, Johto, and Sinnoh regions are inaccessible.. Answer . The above statement is correct. However, you could be talking about the two islands that can be visited.. There are only two other 'regions' in Pokemon Sapphire and they consist of a ( Full Answer )

How do you go to Kanto in Pokemon Crystal?

On a boat under the light house.....under battle tower.....you will need a ss anned ticket from prof oak after beating elite four.....forgot city name...but where all the sailors are at

How do you go to kanto?

From johto you can go to kanto three different ways: By boat, By the magnet train and by surfing east from new bark town.

How do you go to Kanto in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum you can't go to any other (that includes Kanto) region. I know it's upsetting, but you can still have fun by catching uncommon Pokemon!

How do you go to Kanto in jotho?

\nTake the Magnet Train in Goldenrod City or S.S. Aqua.\n. \nTo use S.S. Aqua you must get a ticket off Prof. Elm, which he'll give you when you talk to him and you've beaten the Elite Four.\n. \nWhen you fix the nuclear plant and get a ticket, you can also use the Magnet Train.

Will you be able to go to Kanto in Pokemon SoulSilver?

In HeartGold and SoulSilver, yes, you will be able to go to Kanto and travel mostly its entire region which includes battling the Kanto Gym Leaders, but first the Elite Four. After, you've gotten all 8 Johto badges, talk to Prof. Elm and he'll give you a ticket to S.S. Aqua, which will take you to K ( Full Answer )

On Pokemon Emerald can you go to the Kanto Region?

I've heard that if you beat the Battle Tower Frontier Brain the rocks by Dewford Town disappear and you can surf to the Kanto Region.Instead of encountering Wingull and Tentacruel there in the water,you can encounter Tentacruel and Madgikarp,and Lapras.You might be able to get a Kanto starter there- ( Full Answer )

Can you go to Kanto in soul silver?

Yes you beat the Elite Four then either go to the train station in Goldenrod City or take the "Fast Ship S.S." in Olivine City. To be honest right now I'm going to get Lugia, but I saw my cousin go to Kanto so I'm pretty sure I'm right. -SnakeZzXx

How do you go to Kanto in soulsilver?

Go to the Indigo Plateu and beat the Pokemon league. Then go to proffessor elm and he will give you the S.S ticket. Then go to ollivine city and get on the boat. Then you will arrive in Vermillion City.

How do you go to Kanto in soul silver?

1. go to new bark town turn right, go across the water then go through the cave that leads to kanto. (youll need to have waterfall and be able to use it when outside of battle to get through the cave) 2. get the ss aqua ferry to vermillion.

How can you go to Kanto in Pokemon HeartGold?

First you must defeat the Elite Four and the Champion, Lance. Then, go to New Bark Town, and talk to Professor Elm. He'll give you a pass that will allow you to board the S.S. [Anne]. Aboard the ship, you will have to find the energetic girl before the ship will land in Vermillion City, in the Kanto ( Full Answer )

Where to go after after saffron city in Kanto?

It depends on when you went in there. But there are a gym on Fusia city by the sea in the south. If you head south past where you got past Snorlax earlier (help on how to get pokeflute can be found on this site since I'm a bit rusty). Follow the road down and you should meet a lot of trainers. ( Full Answer )

How do you go to Kanto in Pokemon HeartGold?

After you have beaten the Elite 4 of Johto and Champion Lance,the credits will start. When the credit ends you will be sent back to your house you will have to go to Professor Elm.He will then give you the S.S. Ticket and tell you to go to Olivine City's harbor.You will then be transported to Vermil ( Full Answer )

How do you go to Kanto or hoenn?

Well in HG and SS you can only go to the Kanto Region. In order to go to Hoenn you have to get Ruby,Sapphire, or Emerald for the Gameboy Advance. In order to go to Kanto you have to beat the Elite Four, and then go on the S.S. Anne from Olivine City. 8D

Can you go in the Kanto region in heartgold?

yes!You can but first you must have beaten the Pokemon league then you must talk to the proffecer i spelled it wrong then you must go to the city that has the lighthouse but you must have the ship pass its not called like that though it starts with ss something then go to the boat place and it will ( Full Answer )

On Pokemon silver can you go to Kanto and johto?

yes. you're from johto, when you beat the elite 4 and become champion, you will be transport to your home and then talk to prof. elm. he give you a ss ticket ship. so after that you go to olivine city and then there's a harbor below. go there and take the ship. when you're in the ship, find the lack ( Full Answer )

How do you go to Kanto in sapphire?

You cannot go to Kanto in Sapphire version. You can only go to the Hoenn region. You cannot travel anywhere else.

How do you go Kanto at Pokemon soul silver?

Get all Johto badges.Then go to beat the kamano girls .Then go back to your hometown talk to the professor he'll give you a masterball then go to whirl island talk to the kamano girls then capture Lugia.(I'm sorry I can't tell you which island because I don't remember but the best thing to do to kno ( Full Answer )

Where do ypu go after you have 8 kanto badges on Pokemon heart gold?

Access to Mt. Silver is granted after you have all 16 badges. You can reach it by traveling west from Viridian City. Pokemon Trainer Red resides here with a powerful team: Lvl 88 Pikachu, Lvl 84 Charizard, Lvl 84 Venesaur, Lvl 82 Snorlax, Lvl 80 Lapras. Be prepared, it's hailing the whole time!

Were does suicine go after you see him in Kanto?

The first place you see suicune in kanto is vermilioncity on the dock. Then route 14, and then lastly, you will be able to fight and catch suicune on route 25, after visiting all the previous locations. Hope I helped!

Can you go to Kanto in black an white?

POSSIBLY! The 6th gym leader says she has a passenger plane (which sounds promising). They might come out with an event for traveling to all of the past regions. Genesect, a VERY rare Pokemon in the games, might be a part of this event. KEEP THOSE MASTER BALLS WARM, YOU MIGHT NEED THEM!

How Do You Go To Kanto region in Pokemon Heartgold?

complete the game by defeating the elite 4 and the champion then fly to olivine city and go near the ship port and professor oak will be there. he gives you a ticket to go to kanto then go in the port and talk to the man at the counter then solve the problem on the ship and either have a sleep on yo ( Full Answer )