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well i have Asthma and they dont weigh me so no probs not

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โˆ™ 2009-07-19 14:36:30
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Q: When you go to the doctors for asthma refills do they weigh you?
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Where can I find information about asthma treatments?

You can research more about asthma treatments or ask your doctors for more information about them and also go to online websites such as to find out more about it.

How much should a girl that is heathly weigh if she is 4'11?

Go to the doctors and find out

How to weigh more?

eat like chocolate take aways and do nothink all day ... if your anarexic you need to go to the doctors and if you cant eat then go to doctors

How do you lose 40 pounds without a lot of exercise if I have asthma and weigh 161?

go on a diet, you can find some on the internet or on tv

Is there a treatment to asthma?

go to the hospital or use a nebulizer or a asthma inhaler

Is there a natural and effective asthma treatment for children?

Unfortunately there are currently no natural products on the market. There are naturalist doctors though that you can go to that can help come up with a solution.

Can you recovery from Asthma?

I think you mean to ask if asthma can go away with time. The answer to that is yes, people can grow out of asthma.

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Is it safe to go under general anesthesia when you have asthma?

You definitely should make sure that all the doctors are speaking to one another so that they understand the severity of your asthma and can adjust for it. Usually, though, the questions are asked along with the information regarding medications and so on.

How do you get the asthma away?

Asthma doesn't go away. Your doctor can control it with proper medications.

What is the treatment or asthma?

you can't treet asthma because it is something you were born with. asthma can never ever go away. if you have asthma it would be a good idea to have your puffer everywhere with you

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