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I know right now it drives you crazy that your parents are questioning you and causing hurtles for you to jump over, but later in life you will be so thankful they loved you enough to protect you. You will never understand their feelings about this until you have your own children and before you even murmur "I'd NEVER do that with my kids" you most certainly will! I grew up in the 50s and 60s and I thought my parents were over protective and I use to get so angry at them. Now, I am so very grateful they were and I know now just how much they loved me. Parents want the best for their children. They want to protect them from harms way, they want their children to feel loved and an open door for their children to cross through so they can freely express themselves to their parents. They want their children to get a good education so their lives are better than perhaps they had. They also want their children to experience the world before they settle down because there are so many ways in life one can go and you have to experience it to know what you want out of life. Parents have made mistakes when they were younger too, so they often go by their own mistakes and hopefully their children won't make the same ones. Here's a few things parents worry about: Their daughter getting pregnant when she is too young. Parents DO understand about sex and all the feelings regarding so-called love between the young because they were young once themselves. They worry about the date rape drugs out there, AIDS, Herpes, HIV, dangerous men and even when you walk around at night with friends. They worry that you may not come home and usually one or both parents won't sleep unless they know you are home safe and sound. It's time you sat yourself down and asked yourself if the guy you may be interested in is good to you, cares about how you feel, is polite, has nothing to hide. If you are so sure about your boyfriend, then ask your parents if you can have him over for dinner. If you have faith in your boyfriend then you have no reason to be nervous. If you are nervous, then you aren't too sure about him. By having him for dinner your parents will get to know him a little better, and if he's a nice guy, then things should work out well. Your parents have a right to know who you are dating as long as you are living under their roof and you are a minor. If you are thinking the best thing to do is leave home and get a place of your own, then I'd say you aren't as smart as I think you are. Please look on your parents as just a man and a woman and NOT your parents. They have a past; they were young once, they loved and had feelings, they had arguments with their parents and feelings of being over protected. TALK to them and without shouting or being immature express your feelings to them. I hope younger posters that aren't fortunate enough to have parents that care or kids that don't have parents at all answer your post. I think you should get down on your knees and thank God you have parents that really do care what happens to you. They love you so much that if they could put you in a plastic bubble to float through life and keep you safe they'd do that too! Marcy

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Q: When you have a boyfriend why are your parents so over protective towards you?
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