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You wear a gown but your breast must be uncovered while taking the mammogram so you can put it in the machine.

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What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is a safe, low-dose x-ray exam of the breasts to look for changes that are not normal

Why would a script for a mammogram say malignant neoplasia other?

A script for a mammogram may say "malignant neoplasia, other" because that is the purpose of the mammogram. The mammogram is a screening test to look for cancer ("malignant neoplasia") of the breast.

What is the reason for not putting on baby powder for a mammogram?

The talc in baby powder can interfere with a mammogram. It can make it look like there are problems in the breast that don't exist.

Why should a woman not wear deodorant or lotion during a mammogram?

Particles from these products can get on the breast or film holder and may look like abnormalities on the mammogram film.

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Are you sure about this because a 13 year olds breasts would look like a womans breasts

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The make you breasts look bigger but they do not make your breasts grow bigger.

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No they dont.

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Small breasts can be enhanced with various styles of clothing; don't buy clothes favoured by big-breasted women you admire. Buy styles which enhance the breasts you have, and appreciate your body for the miracle it is. When you are comfortable with the way you look, and dress accordingly, others will appreciate your personal look, your self-confidence and your sense of style. plastic surgery or start stuffing them Eating things like broccoli, and chickpeas help naturally give you bigger breasts. Dont ask how, i cant remember, jus something in them apparently. Also, try the doctors, i had a friend who had 34 b chest, and 6 weeks later, had 34 dd, with some pills from the doctors.

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a gown is good

Why do doctors look down boys pants when they go to the doctors?

Doctors look down boys pants so they know whats going on with there body.

What do doctors look at through an ophthalmoscope?

doctors look at people teeth through this device RE: sorry, they look at the eye, not teeth.

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Not all men are obsessed with breasts, but those who are (and those who aren't) like the way breasts look. They also like to touch them. It is an excitement for them.

What do doctors look for on a urine sample?

doctors usaully look for something wrong in your kidneys and sometimes stds or other diseases

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