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no you should really just run. They know something is wrong with them but they will always try to project it back to you

2012-07-19 22:45:35
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Q: When you have a problem with another person should you confront the person?
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How do you confront a social problem?

It depends on the problem but usually you should just talk to the source.

What should you do if you dream about someone occasionally?

I figure if you like the person then you should confront your feelings and let it be known to that person

How do you confront a growling dog?

A person should never confront a growling dog. If there is no way out of it, turn your back to the dog and say no.

What do you do if you lie?

you should confront the person right away and tell them you are sorry

Your dad has an anger problem and this is causing you to get angry to What should you do?

Confront him or find methods to get him to stop-Anna-

What should you do if you think your boyfriend is a pathological liar?

Confront Him with the problem and if he does not, in your opinion, honestly answer, then you should probably find a boyfriend that doesn't lie.

Should you confront a cheating spouse?

If an individual has proof their mate is cheating then they should always confront their cheating partner, but have proof. When someone who cheats knows it's wrong (and it is) and confesses to their partner they did cheat then that person deserves another chance, but when you have to catch the mate who is cheating they will most likely cheat again and it's time for you to move on.

Your husband is too busy for you?

You are his wife, he needs to make time for you. If he doesn't this could become a big problem. You should confront him about it.

If you love someone and your not sure what they think of you then what do you do?

You should confront them and ask what they feel. It is the best way to know about the feelings of a person.

Should you confront your bf who you heard ask another girl out?

Yes . Don't come up to him aggressively but do confront him in a mature way . If he did ask another girl out don't wait fr explanations . That just shows his lack of respect towards you and will do it again .

Should i get involved with someone who cut your friend?

No. A person who cuts someone else is not a person to be around and this is really true if they hurt a friend. This person has a problem and the more involved you become with them the apt you are to be another person they will hurt.

Should you confront the person your spouse is having an emotional affair with?

Yes you do before it's to late and before it gets to bad. The worst thing that a person can do is to know that their spouse is falling for another person. I don't know the situation that your having with your spouse but take my words for it from my own experience and nightmares learning that the man I married didn't have no problem giving his heart to another woman. If the two of you have children, think about your children and what could happen if you don't stop this now. If you still love your spouse or let say you want to give it another chance, think if you can have the trust you used to have.

What do you do when someone is making fun of your bf?

You SHOULD just confront the person, and ask them why they are doing that, or tell a parent/any adult about it.

Can you make a sentence with the word confront?

You should always confront your Grandma with respect. <3

If in your heart you know your man is cheating should you confront the woman that you suspect.?

no. The one you should confront is your man. And if he is cheating it's his loss.

How do you confront a guy that is evasive?

It depends on if he is your bayfriend or not and how important the problem is. If he is your boyfriend and he isn't willing to hear what you have to say, you should leave him, same gos for a friend.

Should you confront someone who is talking about you?

Yes. If you confront them, hopefully they will stop talking about you behind your back.

Should you confront your girlfriend about the text you found telling she kissed another guy when going through her phone?

Yes you should confront your girlfriend, she will most likely react annoyed as you went through her phone without permission. This could result in the termination (end) of the relationship.

What do you do when you have a fight over the internet with a really good friend?

You should most likely confront that person physically. If its your fault then apologize sincerly.

What should you do if you confront a bear?

i read that if you confront a bear you should make yourself look tall especially if your in a group. but if your alone im not sure what you do.

What do you do if you think the used car dealer is overcharging you for a vehicle?

You should be honest and confront him/her with your problem and if you think it's too much ask them nicely to lower the price

What should the sentence be for a person who intentionally kills another person?

Death penalty.

What do you do when your best friend replaces you then acts like nothing has happened and doesn't want to confront the problem?

You should try being the leader. If you want to confront the problem, then just tell her that we need to talk. You should talk about the problem at a place, where there's not a lot of people. Tell her how you felt when you got replaced. Express all your feelings and talk openly. If your friend tries to change the subject, then tell her that this is serious and this is no fun game. Once, you start talking about the problem more deeply, she'll realize that what she did was not smart. Always remember that you are the leader of your life.

She loves another person not you what should you do?

Accept it and move on.

Why does men abused women?

It is not that men abuse woman, not all men abuse woman, and there are woman who abuse men. It is a person who abuses another person. And that means that the abuser has a problem whether it be that he was abused as a child, or abused in another relationship, or that he is just a very angry person. You should not be with a person who abuses you under any circumstances. It could lead to something alot worse. He has a problem and should get help and you should not be with him until you are sure that he is cured. Being abused will make you miserable and you will never be able to forgive your abuser. Get out of the situation before it gets worse and leads to something that will completely change you as a person or cause you a harm that you can not come back from.