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no , not as long as you have a jaw bone.

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Q: When you have your teeth extracted and wait for three months will your mouth droop at first when you put on your dentures?
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When did people start using dentures?

There's a whole history of dentures that can be found in the article on at According to the article, dentures were first made in 700 BC.

What is the average price of dentures in Colorado?

The average cost of a new complete set (Including all adjustments for the first 6 months) of Good quality dentures; made by a USA dental Laboratory using American products in the state of Colorado is $3600.00 +/- $500.00.

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I am considering having what teeth I have left in my mouth extracted and having dentures. I am a 62 year old male and would like to know if dentures have improved over the years Will I look OK and will the dentures be comfortable ?

I, myself, am considering the same. As I am 61 years and male, I recently met with the front desk person of Affordable Dentures. She completely explained the procedures, the cost, and the long term care that they provide. She showed me the 3 levels of dentures one can purchase. She explained how one would come in first thing in the morning, before 8am, and already come out with a set of dentures. The dentures will be temporary for 6-8 months until the gums have completely healed. Then, one can stick with the temps since they look so much like real teeth, or they can opt for the deluxe or ultra dentures. It is the customer's choice. I would go to their site: and read all about their procedures, costs, and long term care. Then, I recommend you call their number and speak to your closest office for greater details. If they are too busy due to patients in their office and standing alongside their counter, go over to speak to them in person. That's what it's all about

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Who invented the first porcelain dentures?

In 18th century the first porcelain denture was prepaed by Alexis Duchateau in about 1770.

How do you remove your dentures?

Generally dentures will become loose overtime as the adhesive or strips wear off. However, If you need to remove them for other purposes follow these steps: 1) Grab the dentures with your first finger and thumb and slowly pull and wiggle until loose. Do not grab your dentures by the teeth to remove them, as doing so could result in a break in the tooth (which means more money to repair/replace).

Pros and Cons of Dentures?

When you meet someone for the first time, you have up to six seconds to make that important first impression. A key part of that first impression is your smile. If you have teeth missing when you smile, you may want to consider dentures. There are pros and cons to getting dentures. Immediate dentures are placed in the mouth on the same day that your teeth are pulled. Replacement dentures may be needed later on because the jaw will change its shape following teeth extraction. Conventional dentures are not fitted until the gums heal following the teeth being pulled. Dentures are affordable. You can get a quality, full set at a fraction of the cost of one implant. However, dentures are best for those who are missing all or many of their teeth. Dentures have significant benefits. Missing teeth will be replaced. Not replacing a tooth can put gums, the jawbone, and other teeth at risk. A person’a appearance will be improved. You will look younger. With tooth loss your face can appear sunken. Your cheeks will regain definition and shape with dentures. Smiling with a full complement of healthy looking teeth is a plus and a confidence booster. Modern dentures are strong. Eating and chewing food will be easier. You won’t have to replace dentures for five to ten years. Custom-made dentures can look realistic. False teeth don’t have to appear false. Those are the pro arguments for dentures. Definite cons need to be considered. It takes a while to adjust to the feel of having dentures in your mouth. This may mean that new ways of speech will have to be learned. Forming words and pronouncing them is one drawback. Clicking, smacking, and whistling may be bothersome for a while. Dentures can cause mouth sores and irritation. Sometimes this is caused by foods bits getting underneath the dentures. Grinding or clenching teeth besides the action of chewing can lead to this irritation. Dentures that don’t fit correctly can instigate yeast infections in your mouth too. Other cons are certain foods will be difficult to chew. On a temporary basis food will taste strange. Weigh your options with care.

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What is the average cost of a pair of dentures?

The cost of a pair dentures varies by person. If you require a partial or a full set of dentures a dentist would usually give you an estimate after examining your mouth and get some additional information about your medical history. For Superman maybe.However the average time for most of us is roughly 3-6 months. And that is without any complications. appt.1- dentist exrays your teeth,gums etc. normaly looks for any abnormalities,like gum disease etc. just a basic check up. time: 30min to 1 hour appt.2-Makes impressions of your teeth and gums sends impressions off to make Dentures (a pretty accurate yet rough set) temporary dentures (your first set) is 1000.00 - 2000.00. in most dentist

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Preparing for Dentures?

If you have been told that you need to have dentures, it can be a scary time. Many people don’t know what to expect when they get dentures put in place. There are some common things that almost everyone will experience as they have their dentures put in. Clear Away Old Broken Teeth The first thing your dentist will need to do is make sure that all of your old and broken teeth are cleared away. The fact that you need dentures implies that you have several teeth that are not effective anymore. Your dentist may schedule one or two appointments to remove the old teeth and make room for the dentures that will replace them. In some cases, you will be able to keep a few of your healthier teeth as anchors for your dentures. Talk to your dentist about which teeth are worth saving and which teeth have to go. Before the Dentures are Permanent Once your mouth has been prepared and all of the broken teeth are gone, you will still need to visit the dentist several times as he prepares your dentures. Your mouth will need to heal from the tooth removal process, so you may spend a week or two without a full set of teeth. Once you have healed, the dentist will make a cast of your gum line so that a set of dentures can be made to fit your gums comfortably. You may be fitted with temporary dentures while you wait for your permanent dentures to be crafted. Healing From the Procedure When the permanent dentures are put in place your gums will be sensitive and sore for a couple of weeks. They have to heal from the trauma of having the dentures put in. There may be some spots that hurt longer than others because they receive more pressure from the dentures. Your dentist will probably suggest that you come in for a few follow up visits during the first couple of weeks that you have the new dentures. There may be some minor adjustments that will increase your comfort level and allow you to begin eating and speaking normally faster.

How to Make Your Dentures Last Longer?

Dentures can be an expensive investment and you will want your dentures to last as long as possible. In order to ensure that you don’t have to replace them sooner than you should, heed the following steps. Follow your dentist’s instructions for caring for your dentures. Only brush them with approved cleansers and not regular toothpaste. Let them soak overnight instead of trying to wear them to bed. However, never put your dentures in hot water as they could warp. Cool water will keep your dentures moist, which is important when they are not being worn. Before brushing your dentures over a sink or counter, place a soft towel down in case the dentures are dropped. Dropping your dentures will most likely break them and this could lead to expensive repairs. Only use a brush that is specifically designed for brushing dentures. Using a brush that has hard bristles could damage the dentures. In addition, by brushing after every meal, you will help to avoid staining your dentures. Avoid trying to repair your dentures yourself if they should chip or break. While there are many repair kits on the market today, you may void the warranty by trying to fix them yourself. In addition, you could make the problem worse so that not even your dentist can fix them. Before buying a replacement set of dentures, check to see if yours can be relined. Often, as the muscles and bones surrounding the jaw ages, it becomes necessary for dentures to be relined in order to fit again. If your set is still in good condition, but do not fit as well as they used to, talk to your dentist about whether or not it is possible to reline your dentures. Avoid wearing dentures that do not fit properly as this can cause sores in your mouth and extreme discomfort. You may need to have several adjustments made when you first start wearing dentures before they fit properly. Try to be patient and discuss any concerns you have with your dentist.

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Can acrylic dentures cause a burning pain in the mouth?

Acrylic dentures can cause some pain and discomfort when you first get them but should not cause a burning pain. You should try using different denture cream and see if it goes away.

Is Ron White's teeth real or dentures?

"Is"... really? Are these questions written by first graders with no grasp of the English language?

What Kind of Dentures Are for You?

There are more choices today when it comes to dentures than ever before. Below there is a general idea of what is involved in each alternative. Of course, a dentist can give a more detailed idea of the price and procedures.Dental implants are fast becoming an alternative to dentures. Posts are implanted into the jawbone surgically and then are covered with crowns. This is the most expensive alternative. $25,000 is the starting price and can go up to $100,000 for a full set of teeth. Individual teeth start at $1000 apiece.A set of removable upper teeth and lower teeth are what most people think of when they hear the term dentures. The first steps toward dentures are of course taking molds of the mouth for the dentures. The dentist may extract a few teeth over several visits depending on his and the patients preferences. The dentist will have suggestions as to color and size of teeth and will ask for the patients input into these decisions. The dentist may have CAD/CAM technology available that will allow him to give the patient some idea what the dentures might look like. CAD stands for computer aided design and CAM stands for computer aided manufacturing. The dentures are then manufactured in a dental lab. There is usually a final set of extractions done and the dentures are placed in the mouth. Several return visits are sometimes necessary to get the perfect fit. The cost for this type of dentures can range from $3500 to $8000 depending on the materials used and the visits required along with any other procedures that may need to be done.Bridges and partials are another alternative to full dentures. These are often more expensive than full dentures because of the precision involved in fitting the prosthesis against the remaining teeth. These vary in cost of course depending on the number of teeth involved, dental visits required, and materials used.Immediate dentures are dentures that are manufactured onsite the same day the teeth are extracted. Usually these dental labs are advertised on billboards alongside the interstate highways. The prices are quite low starting at $800. Since there is little choice in materials and few choices in shape and size, fit and color will usually not be as natural as traditional dentures.