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When you install a xbox 360 game to your hard drive can you play online?


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you should always be able to play online without installing a game


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select your game libary from the xbox 360 dashboard and choose install to hard drive

Microsoft let you install the game to your hard drive to have better quality and more faster performance in the game therefore you still need the disc

No, however you can buy the game from xbox live marketplace and the game will be on your hard drive

click x on the game and click install

What are the prosiejers to install a hard drive besides the computers motherboard

you have to have the disc in the drive for it to play. When you install game to hard drive it makes it so the disc doesn't have to spin. Therefore it will not be scratched, overheated etc.

if you have the game of the year version of it then yes

install to hard drive still requires a disk. the point of installing it is that your xbox will be quiet when your playing the game on it. it also makes the game load faster.

You can install Halo Reach to your hard drive like any other Xbox 360 game, however the game must be in the disk drive in order to play the game.(but if you have to put the disk its a waste of time to installing it)

Yes, you can! Download the game either to the USB or to your hard drive, then when installing select your USB as the install directory. Note that you'll have to launch the game using GameLauncher.exe instead of the website.

When the Xbox says install game it does not mean you are about to install the full game onto your hard drive. When you install a game on to your Xbox it's taking some of the game files and installing them to make the game run smoother and possibly look better.

No because the xbox has to read the disk for it to play. Even if you have downloaded it already. Alternative you can mod your xbox and load games on it if you have an hard drive then you can play your games.

Yes, it needs ALOT of space on your hard drive. You have to INSTALL the game in order to play the game. The CD just contains the installer.

Yes. Actually, there is no need to remove the hard drive. You can format the existing hard drive and install XP on it as well. Note: Yes, you can there is no need to remove the hard drive. You can format the existing hard drive and install XP. and also you can install both opreting system single computer. XP and vista both.

Yes you can. But if the disc is severely scratched, it most likely will not install. If you have a friend with the same game, ask them if you can borrow it so you can install it to your hard drive, then use your disc.

Step One: Put in the Disc Step Two: Press Y for game details Step Three: Select install to hard drive Step Four: Must have disc in at all times even if it is installed but yeah that's it.

It installs to C:\ because that is the drive you told it to install to. If you want to install it to another drive, simply choose a different drive letter during installation. Note that if you choose an external drive, the game will likely not work on another computer if you move the disk.

When you install a game to your hard drive the full game is already on there. What you're looking for is a CD/DVD crack for your game. Search on the internet for a CD/DVD crack for you're game.

yes cause it has to have the fallout 3 game with it too

if you install the game onto your hard drive it will be whisper quiet

There are very little advantages to this but I belive that if you install a game to your hard drive your xbox will run a little cooler and if your disc shatters or breaks inside the xbox 360 itself then your data from your games is not lost and can be retrieved from your hard drive. Hope this helped.

Go to Game Library on the dashboard and Select the game that you have in your disk tray. Then select Install Game and wait for the game to install, it takes around 10-15 minutes depending on the size of game!

Did you install Windows XP to the hard drive? New hard drives do not come with an operating system; to boot from it, you have to install one on it.

Install all your programs on it and install your OS on it (OS = operating system) I for one wouldn't recommend installing an OS on an external hard drive though.

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