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When you make a page on piczo how do you make a page on it?

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September 14, 2011 10:36AM

Well firsty you will have to make changes to your home page by getting rid of your page list and replacing it with text page links to learn how to do a text page link read the bold text

Its easy really , follow my simple steps

1. Delete your pag list (Or do it last its up to you)

2. Click on tools

3. Click on add text/text

4. Type the name of your page/whatyou want to call it.

5. Look were it says "Make this text a hyperlink , Enter web address" , that is were you type if you want the text to be a link to another website

6. If you want a link to another page on your website , which you probobly want to do, is look below "make this text a hyperlink" and find where it says "Or,choose a page" then you click the little drop down arrow and change your page.

You can have your text what ever font, colour , size (Ect) you like!

Now do so for all your pages!

Ok now you know how to do one of those so do it! it looks good fo an example of what i mean go to the home page on

ok, once you've done your home page on to the page you would "Like to put your page"

Just to let you know it isn't really making a page on a page its putting a text page link on a page that's not the home page , for a page that's text page link is not on the home page.

So once your at your " Page where you want to put your page" ( Making Sure that you have made the page that you wanted to make on that page,WITHOUT PUTTING A LINK TO IT ON YOUR HOME PAGE, make a text page link , linking to the page that you anted to put on your page

Useful tips!

This techniqe is used on have a look!