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if the house has a mortgage you have a mortgage payment, property taxes, homeowners insurance. then your utilities water/sewer, gas, electric, telephone and cable.

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Q: When you own a house what bills do you have to pay?
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What bills does the president have to pay?

presidents have to pay house bills like everyone else He pays for his own groceries. I do not think he pays for his utilities or cleaning supplies.

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can you pay your bills and doctor bill and house morgan

What house is the only house to introduce bills to pay money?

The House.

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Be legally old enough to move out, get your own job, have your own apartment or house, and pay your own bills. If you cannot do those, then, you are stuck where you are living now.

can i get a grant to get a house do repairs and pay off bills ?

can i get a grant to get a house do repairs and payy off bills

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Can you sell a house with a lien on it?

You have to pay off your bills. That is why these people put a lien on your house.

Does the White House pay utility bills?

Yes, everyone has to pay for their usage of electricity and water. The white house is not exempt of this.

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