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Because the rear wheel is doing the pushing and the front wheel is being pushed.

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Q: When you padle a bicycle why the applied force of front wheel and rear wheel are opposite in direction?
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What is the direction of the force of friction on wheel of bicycle?

the direction of force of friction provided from earth is in its opposite direction.i.e the wheel and frictional force are both opposite to each other

What does a force in the opposite direction to the motion cause?

A force applied to a moving object in the opposite direction of its motion causes its velocity to decrease.

Would a force have to be applied in the same or opposite direction to stop a moving ball?

The opposite direction. To stop a moving object requires an acceleration in the direction opposite its motion.

What is neccassary to stop a moving object?

A force applied to it in the direction opposite to its motion is.

Will an object move in the opposite direction when force is applied to it?

I don't even know

What is the force tension?

Force tension is the force experienced by an object when it is pulled or stretched. It is a type of force that occurs in a rope, cable, or any object that is being stretched or pulled. The magnitude of tension is equal to the force applied to stretch or pull the object.

What changes the direction of a force?

The direction of a force changes when another force acts in the opposite direction to oppose it, or when the object experiencing the force changes its own direction of motion.

When drawing a free body diagram for an object on an inclined surface which way does the friction force point?

if in gravity environment it points opposite to the direction it wants to move. That is the force is uphill, parallel to the inclined surface. due to applied force. Under an applied force, again, it points opposite to the direction it wants to move

How it is friction related with work?

Friction can make it more difficult to do work because it resists the motion of objects sliding past each other. This means that when work is being done to overcome friction, some of the energy is lost as heat. The greater the friction, the more work is needed to accomplish the same task.

What force is needed to stop an object at constant speed?

Any force will do, but the larger the force, the faster will the object stop. The force, of course, has to be applied in the direction opposite to the movement.

When a force is applied to a body in what direction will the body accelerate?

Acceleration is in the same direction as the applied force.

Does a movable pulley changes the direction of force?

Simple Answer:A movable pulley is a class 2 pulley and does not change the direction of the force applied to the object to be moved.Explanation:A simple pulley may be arranged so the force is applied in the direction of motion of the object that is moved or in the opposite direction.A simple pulley with one wheel may be a class 1 or class 2.For a class 1 pulley, the pulley stationary and the force applied to the rope is in the opposite direction as the movement of the object.For a class 2 pulley, the pulley is attached to the moving object and the force applied to the rope is in the same direction as the motion of the object.A compound pulley, consisting of an arrangement of more than one simple pulley, provides many other possibilities with the direction of force either the same direction or the opposite direction of the motion of the object being moved.