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The opposite direction.

To stop a moving object requires an acceleration in the direction opposite its motion.

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Q: Would a force have to be applied in the same or opposite direction to stop a moving ball?
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What is the force that is opposite motion?

The opposite of motion is motion in the opposite direction e.g. if you push an object to the left the opposite would be pushing force applied to the right

How does adding and removing of force affect a moving object and an object at rest?

For an object in motion, a force applied in the direction of the movement of the object would propel it further along that direction. The force should be equal or more than the momentum of the object. If a force in applied against the moving object in a direction opposite to the movement of the object, the velocity of the moving object is hampered. How much this decrease in velocity would occur would depend on the amount of the opposing force. If a sufficiently large force in an opposing direction is applied, it can even stop the object. If the force is not along or opposite the movement of the object, the force can change the direction of the object. If the force that was causing the movement of the object is removed, the object slows down, until it finally stops. For an object at rest, a sufficient amount of force can set the object in motion.

Does an object that is moving in a linear path with an acceleration in the direction opposite to the motion have a decreasing velocity?

Yes, that would be true.

Can acceleration ever be negative?

Acceleration is negative when the object is moving in the opposite direction. on a graph the line would be in the negative quadrant.

Where would you find the direction?

opposite the direction south.

Which direction is the opposite of west?

The opposite direction of west would be east, as indicated on a compass.

Where would you find the direction north?

opposite the direction south.

What is the opposite of moving?

The opposite of moving would be not moving. The best opposite would be "stay put" or the similar concepts stay or remain. Another possible antonym is "stop" because it represents the opposite of something stationary that moves: something moving that becomes stationary.

What is the opposite of changing direction?

The opposite of changing directions would be maintaining a course, or continuing in the same direction.

What should you do if you are in a small boat and a storm is approaching?

The first thing I would do is make sure my plug was in. The second would be to use my weather radio and find out which direction the storm was moving and how fast. I would then travel the opposite direction of the storm.

Can a force make a moving object change direction?

Yes, If you were rolling a ball and it hit a wall then it would bounce back and roll the opposite way.

What happens to an object moving in the opposite direction of the net force?

It would just go the way of the net force. Unless there was a stronger force behind it.

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