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This could mean that the light is out on the brake light. It could be a circuit is not connecting properly. Check to make sure all your lights are working properly. If its still on you should have it checked as it might be a electrical problem instead. == Answer ++ It could also mean you have a problem with your master brake cylinder. You should have your brakes checked out before you have trouble stopping.

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Q: When you press the brakes a small light turns on inside the dashboard you check the brake fluid It is full What should you do?
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What should I check when my dashboard brake light comes on in my 1983 jaguar xjs?

The brakes?

How do you turn off brake light on the dashboard?

fix your brakes

Step on brake light comes on dashboard?

I step on brakes, dashboard light comes on which says stop.

What does the dashboard light with an exclamation point inside a circle on a Dodge mean?

It means warning. Check your owners manual first. Usually its Brakes or Brake fluid.

Brake light on dashboard stays on?

Check the brake fluid level. It may be low. Low brake fluid level is an indication the brakes need attention. Have a trusted mechanic check the brakes soon. Good brakes are a number one priority.

Why does Dashboard brake light stays on 02 cav?

Could be low on brake fluid, time to have the brakes checked.

1999 cadillac deville brakes fail while driving dashboard reads check brake fluid?

You have a hole in your brake line.

How do you check if your rear brakes are worn on a fiat punto?

Check your car handbook about the brake lights which should light up on the dashboard if the brake pads are worn. If the brakes are noisy and screeching it may suggest worn out pads. You will have to jack up the car and take the wheels off to inspect the brake pads to see if they are worn out.

Why does your dashboard light turn on when you press the brakes?

You have a brake light bulb in incorrectly or possibly an incorrect brake light bulb or a faulty brake light bulb socket.

How do you break free a parking brake?

Most cars have drum brakes in rear which the parking brake manipulates. Take off both rear wheels and brake drums. You should see a wire system inside that continues out the rear of the brake housing. This is the parking brake wire. Spray it with WD-40 or an equivilant rust penetrating oil. If this does not work, disconnect the wire from the brake mechanism and the brakes should release.

If the dashboard brake light is on in a 1994 Cherokee does that mean you need new brakes?

Try checking Brake fluid level if ok then cxheck pad wear.

What does Red Brake light mean on dashboard of 1997 Dodge Intrepid?

you either don't have the brake fully dis-engaged or you need to have your brakes checked for wear.

Why is your dashboard brake light on after brake job?

The dashboard brake light usually indicates a differential pressure malfunction between the two sides of the master cylinder, or that the emergency brake is on. Check the emergency brake, then check the master cylinder. You may need to bleed the brakes. You may need to reset the master cylinder, although they usually reset by themselves.

What would cause the dashboard warning light for the brake system to still illuminate after the brakes were repaired?

Is it the parking brake light or the ABS light? is it red light or amber?

What means the red light on board next to the brakes looking almoust the same like the brakes only without exclamation mark?

There are usually two warning brake lights on the dashboard. One is for the Hand brakes if you don't release completely it it will stay on. The second light is for brake failure. If it stays on it means worn out brake pads, brake fluid loss and will require early attention

What does the dashboard light with exclamation point inside mean on a Lexus?

Its the parking brake light.

Bleeding front brakes on a 300 Honda fourtrax?

i have recently tried doing this. On the front brake there is a bleeder on the back side on the inside. There should be a rubber cap on it. Loosen this with a screw and pump the brakes to get the air out of the lines. Good Luck

Why do abs emergency brakes and track control light come on on the dashboardm?

If your ABS emergency brake light and the track control light show up on the dashboard, you are having a brake problem.

What does air in brake line do to the brakes?

The air in an air brake system is the "fluid" to activate the brake, much like brake fluid activates the brakes in your car. One difference is that you are not pushing air down the lines when you step on the brake pedal, instead you are releasing a metered amount of air, or "application pressure" from the reservoir, through the treadle valve (brake pedal/valve) to the brake chambers, to apply the brakes. Air also releases the parking brake, as the parking brake is always in the on mode, until you push a valve on the dashboard, sending compressed air to the parking brake chambers, releasing them. The parking brakes are spring powered, and the air over rides these springs.

How are disc brakes different from drum brakes?

Disc brake pads " clamp " on each side of the rotor when the brake pedal is pressedBrake shoes spread apart so they contact the inside of the brake drum when the brake pedal is pressedAssuming everything is working properlyDisc brakes have two brake pads that squeeze on a ( rotor ) plate , one brake pad oneach side of the rotorDrum brakes have two brake shoes that spread apart inside a brake drumDisk brakes have ( 2 ) brake pads that squeeze on each side of the brake rotor( brake disk ) when the brakes are applied . Drum brakes have ( 2 ) brake shoes thatspread apart inside the brake drum when the brakes are appliedThe Ford Explorer , starting with the 1995 model , had disk brakes on the rear insteadof drum brakesA drum brake looks a bit like a cooking pot that's rotating around the axle. Inside, and not rotating are two semicircular pads that can be forced apart, towards the inside surface of the pot to slow the rotation. Instead of a pot a disc brake has a disc rotating around the axle, and then at one place there's a clamp that the disc is passing through. When braking the clamp closes down and pinches the disc, much like a human catching a frisbee, to slow the vehicle down. Discs have better cooling while drums are simpler to manufacture.Disc brakes are designed around a rotor that 2 disc clamp onto to stop the vehicle. Drum brakes expand against a drum where 2 shoes expand to stop the vehicle. The action of clamping is more efficient than expanding to stop a vehicle. This makes disc brakes superior to drum brakes.

How do you replace the brake pads for the emergency brakes on a 2004 dodge ram 1500?

If the truck has disc brakes on the rear then the park brake shoes are located inside the rear rotors. You have to remove the brake calipers, pads and rotors to access them

What's the difference between a disc brake and a brake drum?

When disc brakes are applied, a caliper squeezes the brake pads against the disc and the wheel slows. When drum brakes are applied, curved shoes located inside the drum are pushed outwards, rubbing against the inside of the drum and slowing the wheel.

What does a dashboard light with a P inside a circle mean?

That typically means that your parking brake is on. It could just be a faulty sensor if your brake isn't on.

Why is the DASHBOARD brake light on in your 1995 Volvo 960?

it indicates that it is time to change the pads for the disc brakes, the light comes on when the sensor is activated

Does a 2000 ford explorer have drum brakes?

No , disk brakes front and rear ( the back disk brake rotors have small parking brake shoes inside of a drum portion )