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In echo ridge go in the dog security(dog house) once you put in the megaman battle network before you turn the game on and there will be a black ball and some one will speak about a person who steal scilab data and he will ask you to find him. he is in the upper level of echo ridge and in the wave road there will be a wave hole complete the tasks and you will find him

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Is there going to be Megaman starforce 4?

currently there isn't any info about Megaman Starforce 4 , but there will be a crossover game with Megaman Starforce and Megaman Battle Network for the DS

Will there be a Megaman star force 4?

Not that I know, but there will be a Starforce/Battle Network Crossover. *fanboys*

Megaman starforce activate megaman blaster event action replay code?

Insert a Megaman Battle Network game into the secondary slot of your DS, then pulse in. Now go to the DogHouse near Bud's house and you'll find Megaman there.

How get the bn buster in Megaman starforce 2?

Insert one of any Megaman Battle Network edition games into the GBA slot of your DS. You should get an email from the Satella Police as you start up the game.

Can you link megaman 6 to megaman 4?

no you can only link megaman games together if it is the same number like megaman battle network 3 blue to megaman battle network 3 white

In what Megaman game does Lan get Megaman?

battle network 1

How do you get BN megabuster in Megaman starforce dragon?

u need a DS that has a gameboy slot in it first insert a megaman battle network game in the game boy slot(it doesnt matter which one) and in your starforce 1 game pulse into the dog house in echo ridge u should see a EM wave ball thingy and theres a little cutscene and then u need to find a jammer(i cant remember where it is)and when u defeat it u go back to the dog house and another cutscene will come and Megaman gives Megaman the BN buster. hope i helped

Will mega man star force come to ytv in Canada?

I think sometime in this year maybe or the next I heard cartoon network is trying to get naruto, MAR, megaman NT warrior and starforce so there is a chance it will get to ytv

What are some cheats in Megaman battle network 1?

go to and type in gameshake codes for megaman battle network 1

Where can you download Megaman battle network 6 cybeast gregar from?

type in megaman battle network 6 cybeast grega or falzer

When was the Megaman Battle Network game created?

Megaman Battle Network game is a spin-off of the original Megaman and was released in 2001 for Game Boy Advance. In Japan it it is known as The Rockman.

Is Megaman and X the same person?

Megaman 7 was to be the canon ending of the original series; at the beginning of the game, he briefly mentions getting his "upgrades from a capsule", which refers to the capsule in Megaman X that Dr. Cain uncovered from within the ruins of Dr. Light's laboratory. For reference, the canon (true) saga endings for the Megaman franchise are listed as follows: 'Megaman 7' for the Megaman saga. 'Megaman X5' for the Megaman X saga. 'Megaman Zero 4' for the Megaman Zero saga. 'Megaman Battle Network 6' for the Megaman Battle Network saga.

Megaman battle network 3 white cheats?

show me all the gameshark codes for megaman battle network 3 white U.S.A. version

How do you make battle mates in Megaman starforce 3?

You go to menu>network>Nintendo wifi connection or DS wireless play( if becoming battlemates with a person far away do Wifi. If becoming BM with a friend close by, ds wireless)<Then friend code BM reg or reg. battle mate. NOTE: you need to know the person friend code if becoming BM's far away

How do you use dark megaman in megaman battle network 5?

Just keep using Dark Chips until Megaman turns fully black.

Where do you download Megaman battle network 6?

Where can you get Megaman battle network 5 ds?


How do you get Megaman battle network 4 redsun?

you buy it

Is Megaman battle network real?

yes it is they got battle network 1-6

Is there ever going to be another Megaman netnavi game?

If your talking about Megaman battle network then sadly no there will always be 6 of them.

How do you fix a Megaman Battle Network 5 Team Protoman game it doesn't appear on the bottom screen of my DS like its supposed to how do I fix it?

have u checked the gba settings

Who is the final boss in Megaman Battle Network 4?

The final boss of Megaman Battle Network 4 is Duo. It does not matter which version you have. However, after defeating Duo, there are optional bosses.

How do you go to the navicust screen in Megaman battle network 3 blue?

hit start go to megaman then go to navicust

What is gutsman's weakness in Megaman network transmission?

He is a neutral he has no weakness

Can you get the game MegaMan on the PS3 network?

Yes, you can in a while though