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Well, you could make it into something or you can take it to the recycling center to get money, but only with aluminum.

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Q: When you recycle something do you change it so that it can be used again?
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What does it mean recycle something?

To recycle something is to not throw away something that can be used again. Recyclable items are things that can be used over and over again. If you don't understand this look in a dictionary.

What is the prefix for recycle?

re, which means again. Example: recycle. to break something down into its parts and put it to a new use (the parts are used again).

What is recycle bin used for?

to recycle an item, mainly items that can be used over and over again to save the natural resources

What word means to change a reusable metal?

A word meaning to change a reusable metal would be recycle. This is a process where one material is changed into another to be used again.

What are recycle products?

recycle products are those products which can be used again after recyclying.

Why are you encouraged to recycle aluminum?

It is good to recycle aluminum because the aluminum can be melted down and used again. You can get paid for recycling your aluminum.

A word that means used over and over again?

recycle, reuse, reprocess, recapitulate.

Where do plastic bags go after they are recycled?

they go to the skky No they don't. They are used again because, well, recycle means to use again.

How does lysosome recycle materials in the cell?

Lysosomes breakup macro molecules into building units as they can be used again

What is a good way to recycle used socks?

A good way to recycle used socks is to use them as dust rags. You can also make something out of them such as a bottle warmer, a coin purse or a hacky sack.

How do you dispose of mineral oil?

Take it to a quick oil change place and they can recycle it with their used oil.

What are three ways to go green?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! The three 'R's. Reduce your consumption of objects (whatever you buy) Reuse what you bought and used Recycle what you used up Classic example: Plastic bottles. DON'T FREAKIN' BUY THEM! (Reduce) If you are in a desperate situation, then after you buy them, use them again to carry water, or as a funnel or something, or some art-y project, etc. (Reuse) Then, when the bottle gets old, go to a recycle station and FREAKIN' recycle it! (recycle) I hope that this has been useful and excuse me for the "freakin'"s. =) GO GREEN!

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